Biden’s First 100 Days

Crystal Kalin

Following the recent inauguration of President Biden, all of America is on edge to know Biden’s plans for his first 100 days as president and what he plans to do to better this country and do his best to fix what is broken.
On January 20th, Biden’s first day as president, he signed 15 executive actions all with the main focus on the COVID-19 crisis, the economy, racial injustice, and climate change. He has also attended press briefings back to back to express his plans to the rest of his team and advisors. During her first press briefing at the White House Biden’s political advisor Psaki spoke about the signing of the executive actions saying “This will strengthen our own efforts to get the pandemic under control by improving global health.” We can also see that Biden’s main priority is to manage the border, keep families together, grow our economy, and address migration. White House officials say that the actions signed by President Biden on January 20th, are just the first of many to come.
Only days after becoming president-elect, Biden announced a team of advisers led by Dr. David Kessler (a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner). Biden announced many times that one of his main priorities as president was to develop a plan for COVID-19 relief and the distribution of vaccines. Biden created his board in hopes that they will aid him in ensuring vaccines are safe, effective, and distributed evenly. As well as creating a coronavirus task force he also promised to begin working on a coronavirus aid package and a response plan that calls for expanding COVID testing resources and increasing the country’s capacity to make protective equipment.
Along with what has already been set into place citizens are looking forward to Biden’s long-term plans to raise corporate income taxes, control climate change, and extend the voting rights act. He also plans to address current issues beginning with the death of George Floyd. President Biden plans to institute a national police oversight commission within his first 100 days of taking office, which is part of a larger plan to investigate issues with the current police department.
Although the majority of people are anticipating watching all of Biden’s plans come into play many concerns rise that it will come as a great challenge for the execution of his plans given that he had proposed more than a dozen initiatives to complete within 100 days of office on immigration alone. His team is working hard to determine which priorities need to be completed first and place the concern that he is likely to face a divided congress. According to an NPR article by Elena Moore, “Control of the Senate is still up in the air with no certainty that the Democratic party will be in control. Because Republicans already have control over the House of Representatives and the political dynamic issue, Biden will have to back away from most of his proposals including environmental and health care and focus more on issues regarding COVID-19 relief and U.S infrastructure developments.”
Most American citizens are aware of President Biden’s plans and promises and anticipate that he will follow through with them. In only a couple of days as president Biden has already achieved many of his goals and got a start on the many things he still needs to accomplish. We are only hoping that our president follows through with all his promises and proposals with the help of his team and the voices of the American people. As for now we can only wait and remain educated and informed on the status of the plans and accomplishments of our new president.