OPINION: Gender Equality In Schools And Society

Image from Free SVG

Image from Free SVG

Sophia Etka

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be feeling safe and comfortable in a school setting? The feeling of safety and comfort in a school environment, setting brilliant minds up for the future. Some minds will sadly succumb to general instinct, commonly choosing not to control their urges at all.
As a young woman enrolled in Centreville High School, I’ve seen some horrific things.
The sad experience of sexism of any kind. It can make you feel helpless. Like a victim. Like a pawn to existence, only existing for the pleasure or fear of the other gender. Of course not everyone will treat you this way, but many people choose not to use their better judgement.
I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to fighting the societal stigma that many of us go through, no matter who we are. We all have those stereotypes that we have to deal with. Though I’m primarily focused on the wellbeing of women, I also care about educating the people who choose not to control their urges and to the men wrongfully accused of sexual assault. This article will discuss the issue head on. This issue needs to be told as it is.

There has been a lot against feminism today, and many find this extremely confusing. The reason for this is both because what was considered “Normal” in the early to mid 1900s, and because some of the women who call themselves feminists talk about how all men are evil. Stigma is one of the biggest issues in the world. Stigma of sexuality, race, religion and gender. The reason for this is having a set standard of what “normal” is. Like the thought that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The belief that a religion of some other is a sin. And the belief that all women are inferior to men. The stereotype luckily isn’t as common today, but it’s bad enough for it to need to be discussed.

Since the beginning of time, the male sex has very commonly been more dominant within a species compared to females. This is due to testosterone, a chemical that is produced by the gonads. It tends to make men and women both more aggressive and dominant. It’s an instinctual thing that has to be fought against. The need to dominate others.

Lately, women have been standing up for themselves against misogyny and how they are treated like objects or property. But some have taken it too far and have spoken of “Killing All Men,” which is absolutely not the solution and is considered misandry, not feminism. And because of this, there have been innocent men who have gotten wrongfully accused of sexual assault when they haven’t done anything wrong.

But now on the other side of the spectrum. There are the instinctually driven men who are more power hungry and say all women are bad due to how they hate men. These people will commonly categorize feminists, and this circles back to women getting treated unfairly and the cycle continues.

The worst thing about this situation is that this also goes on in schools. Teenage boys start asking girls for pornographic photos, and the girls comply. Then the boy shares the photos around, which will cause some extreme bullying towards the girl. Both guys and girls will bully the victim of the situation, and this will end up starting something with another side.

Another group of people who blame the person asking for the photos will start categorizing all straight men, and say that all men are “misogynistic pigs” just for simply sharing a non offensive opinion. Innocent boys will be called stalkers due to what the sexually driven boys have done. There is a loophole in all of this. Sometimes it feels like there’s absolutely no possible solution out there, but it’s actually an extremely simple solution.
We need to treat people as human beings, not animals. Treat people as we want to be treated. The other sex is just as conscious and important as you are, and it’s essential that they’re treated that way. Sexism is the death of humanity. If all women genuinely believed that we should kill all men, then we wouldn’t have any sort of way to repopulate unless it’s non consensual which would make matters way worse than they already are. But when you go back to why these women say this, it’s because men are primarily the ones who sexual assault people of either gender. There’s this one trick that if you think a man is following you, cross to the other side of the road to be sure.

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But why do we have to do that? There are many times where these men aren’t trying to do anything hurtful, but there are enough sex offenders for women to have to assume that any man may try to hurt them. This is the backlash that innocent men get. They could be wrongfully accused when they weren’t actually trying to hurt anyone.
I don’t believe that saying women have feelings too will get sexually driven boys and men to stop what they’re doing, but maybe saying that it can also hurt men will get this to happen. This kind of behavior starts as early as elementary school. That’s why as soon as young boys are exposed to the ways of nature and reproduction, we should teach and convince them to treat the girls they go to school with as they wish to be treated. We should teach girls this as well. Even if most boys are mean, that doesn’t mean that all of them will be that way.

Sometimes, you may even have to remind people that you are just as human and just as conscious as they are. We all deserve to feel safe, and all deserve to be treated with respect. Please treat everyone with kindness and respect. Try to put yourself in their shoes, even if it’s difficult.

“Gender parity is not just good for women- it’s good for societies.” – Angelica Fuentes