Doctor Strange Introduces the Mystical Arts

‘Doctor Strange’ Movie Review

Nick Nagle


Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a thrilling and dynamic comic book movie. Scott Derrickson, the director of Doctor Strange, achieves wonders beyond one’s imagination on the big screen. As this is the first comic movie he has created, Derrickson has impressed me by far. His most notable works as a director are the Sinister (2012-2015) horror movie series and Poltergeist (2015). Doctor Strange was a cultural and financial success by far with a movie budget of $165 million; the box office brought in an astounding $503 million. This film is filled with many complex concepts such as time travel, reality, and our vast universe. Doctor Strange introduced us all to a new side of Marvel which we have never seen before, not to mention the incredible actors and actresses who brought these comic book characters to life.

If it wasn’t for the impressive actors who brought the characters such as Doctor Strange and the Ancient One to life, the movie would not have been as immersive and realistic as it was. Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for his role as Sherlock Holmes, portrays the main protagonist of the film – Doctor Stephen Strange. Tilda Swinton, best known for her role as the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia movies, portrays the Ancient One who introduces and teaches Doctor Strange in the art of sorcery. Rachel McAdams also returns to the screen as Christine Palmer who is Stephen Strange’s medical colleague at the Metro-General Hospital. These three actors and many others brought life to this movie and its comic book characters. Need I say, Benedict Cumberbatch can do a very convincing American accent. Overall, the casting was very well chosen for the whole movie.


The themes of Doctor Strange may be considered fairly complex for younger audiences. After a tragic car accident, surgeon Stephen Strange is left to rehabilitate the use of his broken hands. When Strange is informed about a mysterious place called Kamar-Taj in Nepal, he seeks out to regain the use of his hands. Strange arrives at a monastery in Kamar-Taj where he quickly learns there is much more to our world than meets the eye. As he is introduced to the greater enemies that threaten Earth, Strange begins to train in the mystical arts of magic. He is a fast learner and soon realizes that he must be the one to face the greatest dangers to Earth and all of humanity. I believe a PG-13 rating is appropriate for this movie, but adults should take into account the complexity of time travel, outer space, and our vast unknown universe.

I thought Doctor Strange was one of the best Marvel movies I have seen so far. The director took a fairly unknown superhero and made him into a blockbuster success. The realism and visual effects in the movie were outstanding and alluring. The plot was extremely interesting and easy to follow as we explored the mystical arts alongside Doctor Strange. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to any DC or Marvel fan and to any others who have a proclivity for the mysterious and strange.