‘Logan’ Slashes Back At Marvel Studios


Stratis Bohle

Logan was released on March 3rd and is the 10th in the X-Men film series and 3rd and final in the Wolverine trilogy. It had a run time of 141 minutes and was rated R. Its budget was 97 million and the box office earnings were 585.4 million. The film is set in 2029, where the mutant population has fallen off the face of the Earth and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose regeneration power is dwindling, has committed himself to alcohol and now makes a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of his mentor, Professor X, whom he keeps hidden away due to his mutant episodes.

The movie brought back two regulars of the X-Men franchise with the return of Hugh Jackman as the titular character Logan and Patrick Stewart as Professor X. This, sadly, was the last film for each of them in their respective roles. Hugh Jackman has been noted as starting to become too old for the role. Stewart has had severe arthritis recently and will be turning 77 in May. 30 years ago when Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired he was labeled an old fart at the age of 47. Logan also introduced Dafne Keen as Laura otherwise known as X-23 and Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce to the franchise

This is director, James Mangold’s second X-Men movie with the previous being The Wolverine (2013). His previous films include Bang Bang, Night & Day, and 3:10 to Yuma. Mangold stated that “We only want to make this film if we get to make it our way. We’ll gladly make it for less, but we want to rate it R and we want to make a movie that [spoiler redacted], but more importantly is darker and disconnected. Not serving any future X-movie or picking up the baton from the last one, but exists in its own space from beginning to end.” In an interview with Ryan Lamble of the website Den of Geek. He truly accomplished that with the film, especially in its visuals. The film used a number of slow motion effects which gave a feeling of suspense.  The Wolverine’s claws were CGI but if there were any other major CGI effects which this writer didn’t notice, which shows the advancements of CGI in the past 25 years.

Arguably, 20th Century Fox’s Logan is the best Marvel Movie of this decade if not of all time. Fox’s Marvel movies have been hit or miss since 2006’s  X-Men: The Last Stand which was the final X-Men Film for 5 years. With this film, Fox showed they can make a strong film that was gripping and compelling. It was the Dark Knight of the X-Men Franchise.