Solo: a Star Wars Story: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


Aiden Herklotz

So, after about 5 months of waiting (which is a very short time for Star Wars, if you didn’t know), the new solo star wars anthology, Solo: a Star Wars Story, has been released. So far it’s been… struggling a bit. Many are saying it failed at the box office, since it only made 84 million on its opening weekend, which is actually the lowest a Disney Star Wars movie has made so far. But, regardless, I’m still going to talk about it, since it’s a Star Wars movie for god’s sake. Also, heavy spoilers ahead.


  • The Good: Lore and Fun.

Starting off on a positive note, Solo is probably the most fun Star Wars movie there is. You won’t expect any “No, I am your father” moments, but you will see plenty explosions and chase scenes, and that’s one of the things an anthology film should have. The other things would be plenty of lore, and Star Wars has it by the barrel-full. Or at least the non-canon Legends did, which is why they’re building the backstories of these events and characters in anthologies, and I really admire that.


  • The Bad: Things Not Seen.

Everybody knows that the worst thing about great movies are the things that weren’t even in it, which is why everybody’s obsessed with deleted scenes. But, regardless, there was a lot that I expected to see from the film that weren’t in it, so this will be kind of like a “sub-list.” For the first one, you may need some backstory: in the third Indiana Jones movie (the Last Crusade) there was a flashback segment where young Indiana Jones (played by River Phoenix) got a scar on his chin, which explained Harrison Ford’s iconic chin scar. I really hoped that Ron Howard would make a call-back to this and explain his own version of Ford’s chin-scar, but obviously that didn’t happen. This is more of a minor point, but I still think it would’ve been a great call-back to an excellent film. For the second point, I would’ve liked to see the famed “Taanab Maneuver” made by Lando Calrissian. While I won’t go into it here (it’s too complicated to fit it in), I will say that I thought Lando was lacking (just a bit) in the movie, and that seeing this would’ve cemented his (and L-3’s) reputation as an extremely talented pilot. I am glad, however, that Jabba was never actually mentioned by name, and that Boba Fett wasn’t in the film at all. I like that they’re keeping Solo further away from the Original Trilogy, it deserves to be a separate entity.


  • The Good: What’s Up With that Cameo?

I am way too excited to talk about this, because I really love it. As you should know already, the Darth Maul made a little cameo in Solo, and this completely makes sense. If you didn’t know, Maul came back in the animated show Star Wars: the Clone Wars. In the show he began a criminal enterprise with his brother, so it makes sense that he would end up running Crimson Dawn. He was following up his brother’s legacy. My only problem with this is how I didn’t see the foreshadowing beforehand. Dryden Vos’ long face scars, his double sided red daggers, even the name “Crimson Dawn,” it’s all so Maul-ish. And I really like how Ron Howard isn’t afraid to give a wink to the fans who don’t only watch the movies, but also see the TV shows and read the books.


  • The Bad: The Soundtrack wasn’t Memorable.

This is also one of the chief complaints that I had for Rogue One. If you ever asked anyone what the most memorable thing about Star Wars was, what the franchise was most famous for, the answer would be “the soundtrack, obviously.” Because that’s really what people remember, the hopeful anthem of the main title theme, the thunderous booms of the Imperial March, the frightening chant of the Duel of the Fates, there’s only one word to describe it. Iconic. And somehow, Solo’s soundtrack (as well as Rogue One’s) just doesn’t do it for me. The reason for this is all obvious, because the brilliant John Williams didn’t compose these films.


So, in summation, if you’re looking for a fun, action-filled, intergalactic space romp, then I’d definitely suggest seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you want a dramatic, slower-paced movie, then I’d still see Solo anyway, because it’s still a Star Wars movie for god’s sake. I hoped you liked the article, have a good day, and keep reading the Sentinel. Please.