September Teacher Spotlights: Mr. Scott

Alex Skelley


A retired police and SWAT team member with 20 years of experience,  CVHS teacher Sean Scott is a very accomplished man. Before teaching, he had a long, successful, and dedicated career in law enforcement. Now, as Centreville High School’s criminal justice teacher, Mr. Scott maintains the same level of dedication to educating his students and helping them succeed. He is one of the most well liked teachers in the school, and possesses a one of a kind personality. There is no doubt in my mind that this man deserves this teacher spotlight.

As a criminal justice teacher, his job is to educate students about the law enforcement system, and prepare some students for a career in the field. His endless action packed stories give students insight into the job of a police officer or SWAT member. He has a very unique style of teaching for both his level one and two classes. While most teachers will have you do work sheets or notes, Mr. Scott gives a hands on approach with many field trips and guest speakers who talk about their law enforcement experiences, while also drawing from his own career for stories and experiences. With his criminal justice one classes, he stresses respect, discipline, book work, and learning the basics with a little bit of hands on activity sprinkled in there. With his criminal justice two classes, he stresses teamwork, leadership, independence, current events, projects, and field trips as well as more hands on activities.

Along with his unique teaching style, he possess a genuine personality that allows him to get close to students. “He is an amazing teacher,” said former student of his Huda Khan. When you first meet him though, he may seem very strict and uptight. This is because he needs to set a sense of order, especially with the younger students who make up his criminal one classes. This strictness will only last a few weeks however, as once order is placed, he will start to get used to his students. Over time you will develop a closer relationship with Mr. Scott. This closeness that he develops with his students allows him to to get through to them in a way other teachers may not, and create a class that is extremely enjoyable to be in.

What makes him stand out most from other teachers at CVHS is the inclusion of guest speakers in his class. Throughout his long law enforcement career, he has met many people and made many friends in different departments and fields. Because of this, he is able to invite various guest speakers to talk to his classes on a diverse range of topics. For example, when I was in criminal justice one, one of the guests we had was a recent graduate of the police academy, who told us about the process of training to be an police officer. From drug enforcement, to the working of the FBI, to sanitation, everyday security, and even lawyers, the knowledge his students gain from these guest speakers is very insightful and helpful in his class.

Even though Mr. Scott’s days of protecting the general public are over, he remains dedicated to teaching the future adults of this country. I am honored to have been put in his class twice now, being in his criminal justice two class of 30. The experience he brings to the table, along with his intriguing style of teaching and his great personality, makes him a truly special teacher here at CVHS that any student would be lucky to have.