Instagram deleting accounts?

Bianka Brianna Balcazar

We all know Instagram for its fun/funny moments, but lately Instagram has been deleting accounts from fans supporting their favorite contents. 

A very famous Pewdiepie fan’s account (@Classicpewds) mgot deleted at 100k followers. The owner of the account had made another fan page where she was live on Instagram, crying, and saying “I’ve work for three years just to see it gone in seconds.” While keeping us updated on her second account, she said on her post that Instagram was going to give her account back. She seemed super happy about it, but the next day her second account, where she was keeping everyone updated, got deleted. Recently, people found her new spam account and her main account again where she started from the beginning. Her user for her main one is now @Smhpewds and her spam user is @Clvssicpewds.

A famous anime fan’s account (@Fakeamvz) also got deleted at 23.6k followers. She rarely kept us updated about her account getting deleted, but before her account was disabled, she made another account calling it her ‘spam’. When a lot of her followers stated that they could not find her on Instagram when they look her up, many assumed that her account was deleted. On February 2nd, she got her account back posting on her Instagram saying “Thanks for your support babies.”, but again her followers didn’t know how she got it back and how she got it deleted.

There has been so many accounts that have been deleted or disabled for a very long time. No one knows why Instagram is deleting all of the fan accounts, but people who have been there and got their accounts back explained “They deleted accounts because we are impersonating celebrities.” Here are some fan base account that think about all of this:


“Only thing I’ve gotta say is that it’s disgusting and people reportings accounts are doing it because they’re jealous that they can’t edit.” [email protected]


“Absolute bulls***, it’s not fair for the people who have worked for years to get where they are and for all of it to be taken away in a matter of minutes. And the accounts who report editors/fan pages, their brains are so f***** up for them to hurt other people like that REPEATEDLY” [email protected]


“It’s horrible. People put a lot of hard work into making their edits and the original content they post and they make a lot of friends on their accounts all for it to be taken away. Instagram needs to sort itself out because a lot of people are upset about it and honestly it’s awful to see.” [email protected]


“Instagram is deleting these accounts that people put their hard work and effort into and in 2 second, it’s all gone! It’s annoying because we all have to sit here in fear wondering if our account will be deleted! My profile picture was just a color for nearly a month, I was so scared that all my hard work would go down the drain and it’s stupid” [email protected]_craft.editz_

“I HATE IT!” [email protected]

“End it” [email protected]