Left side of Abigail Medinas face in 2020.

Acne and the Stigma Behind It

Abigail Medina
October 4, 2022

Acne is not what you think it is. Those who may know nothing about the reality of having a skin condition might assume that living with it is just living with a blemish or two on your skin. They might...

Radioheads Albums Ranked

Radiohead’s Albums Ranked

Ayan Rasulova
September 30, 2022

Originally called On A Friday, Radiohead is an English alternative rock band that is known for their incredibly diverse and harmonic sounds across multiple albums. From the third studio concept album OK...

Pablo Picasso, 1903-4

Pablo Picasso: Revolutionizing the Art

Aadesh Khadka
March 21, 2022

"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." - Pablo Picasso Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, to Don Jose Ruiz y Blasco and Maria Picasso y Lopez. His baptized name is much longer...

The icon representing the Underground Hip-Hop genre on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/hermes-the-god)

OPINION: Under the Underground Hip-Hop

Aadesh Khadka
January 18, 2022

Under the underground hip-hop lies an empire of sacred rappers like MF DOOM, Melanin 9, R.A.P Ferrara, Hemlock Ernst, Cyrus Malachi, and many more, whose literary knowledge of hip hop has been buried in...

School Clock (By: Getty Images)

OPINION: K-12 Schools Start Too Early

Brandon Level
October 29, 2021

At around 8am, most high school students in most Fairfax County take their seats for their first period of the day--that is after a commute that could take anywhere from just a few minutes, to over an...

Upon Closer Inspection On Paper Consumption

Upon Closer Inspection On Paper Consumption

Aadesh Khadka
October 28, 2021

The school feeds off of paper, most recycle, while others just dump it in trash. Does it harm the environment? Yes, because the more we print paper, the more deforestation is happening. Deforestation causes...

Image from Free SVG

OPINION: Gender Equality In Schools And Society

Sophia Etka
October 28, 2021

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be feeling safe and comfortable in a school setting? The feeling of safety and comfort in a school environment, setting brilliant minds up for the future. Some minds will...

( Picture By: NDTV)

India Farmers Protest: Follow Up

Sim Saini
February 24, 2021

The world’s largest democracy, India, is currently experiencing its largest protest: the farmers’ protest. The peaceful protest started back in November when farmers from various states, mainly Punjab...

A cute Dog 4 by Chen Vision is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/ (JChen)

OPINION: Why Pets Are The Best…

Zakary Robinette
February 1, 2021

Pets are great at helping people improve their physical and mental health, reduce stress, and become more responsible. Pets are great for you because they easily bond to you, and you easily bond to...

photo by: Harp Farm

India Farmers’ Protests

Sim Saini
January 15, 2021

The world’s biggest protest is currently taking place in India due to its government passing bills that Indian Farmers believe will negatively affect them. On November 26, 2020, a rough estimate of 250...

OPINION: Abolishing the Death Penalty

OPINION: Abolishing the Death Penalty

Crystal Kalin
January 8, 2021

Many remain outraged and saddened following the tragic execution of 40 year old Brandon Bernard, on December 11th, for a crime committed when he was an adolescent. To fight for justice Virginia citizens...

OPINION: Tattoos and Employment

OPINION: Tattoos and Employment

Melanie Wang
October 23, 2020

Many of the adults today grew up 1-2 generations ago. In the 80s, visible tattoos were highly frowned upon. The working industry had to dress appropriately and look professional. Visible tattoos and ordinary...

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