CVHS Teacher Aids In Disaster Relief In Puerto Rico
CVHS Author Visit

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Windstorm Disrupts FCPS Operations

March 7, 2018

On Friday, March 2, winds up to 60 mph came across New England and northern Virginia. The high winds led to power outages, scattered debris, traf...

Art of CVHS

March 7, 2018

  Centreville High School is home to many talented students. Our art department produces beautiful masterpieces showcased in the office....

CVHS Gun Control Walkout

March 1, 2018

Alyssa Alhadeff 14, Scott Beigel 35, Martin Duque Anguiano 14, Nicholas Dworet 17, Aaron Feis 37, Jaime Guttenberg 14, Christopher Hixon 49,...

Multiple Sclerosis

February 27, 2018

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a disease of the nervous system. MS occurs when the immune system attacks a material called myelin which protects ne...

Self Driving Cars

February 16, 2018

The General Motors Company (GM) has made an announcement stating that they plan to have their new self driving cars out on the roads by the year 2019 (which some people believe to be a little ambitious), and to have introduced 20 new el...

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Frances McDormand at the 2018 Oscars

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The Use of Holograms in Entertainment

February 23, 2018

       Holograms. They’re seen in movies, described in books, and award shows. They’re something so amazing that it seems like it’s r...

Sam Smith and Adele : A Conspiracy Theory

February 16, 2018

  To date, there have been a lot of rumors and theories explaining the things that would have never crossed our minds. For example, the con...

The Last Jedi: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

February 2, 2018

                                                         Star Wars The Last Jedi has come out, and it’s ...

9 Times the Simpsons have “Predicted” The Future

December 14, 2017

One of the most famous things about the 27th season of the “Simpsons” cartoon is how the show makes extremely bizarre predictions about event...

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Super Bowl LII
College Football Playoff National Championship
Will Student Athletes Ever Be Paid?
The NFL Injury Bug
Astros Win 2017 World Series!
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"We're always on the prowl."
"We're always on the prowl."