Kendall Claar
Kendall Claar is a Senior and is in her second year of Journalism. She decided to take the class because she would like to go into broadcast journalism as an adult. She also decided to take it because she figured it would help her further develop her writing abilities. Some of her passions outside of school are cooking and baking. She also enjoys watching TV and movies, with dramas and mysteries being her favorites. She likes British history and will read anything on the subject. Lastly, she is a Girl Scout and has received the Bronze, Silver, and Silver Trefoil Awards. In 10 years, she sees herself as a college graduate living in New York City or Washington D.C., working in journalism but most likely not yet a news anchor.

Kendall Claar, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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"We're always on the prowl."
Kendall Claar