Refugee Camp Fire and EU Migration Shortfalls

Refugee Camp Fire and EU Migration Shortfalls

Safa Hameed
October 7, 2020

On Wednesday, September 9th, several fires broke out in the Moria Migrant Camp. It is the largest refugee in Europe, ravaging the refuge and displacing 12,000 migrants all amidst high tensions due to COVID-19,...

The Photo of Murtaza in a plastic bag that went viral (Photo By: Hamayon Ahmadi).

The Afghani Boy Who Went Viral Is Now Being Hunted By The Taliban

Safa Hameed
February 26, 2019

As of January 2016, Murtaza Ahmadi, the little boy who went viral for his DIY jersey of soccer star Messi, is being hunted by the Taliban and other local Afghans for the suspicion of having money. You...

(Photo By: Dmitry Kostyukov for The New York Times)

A Church Held a 96 Day Service for a Refugee Family

Safa Hameed and Amanda Mugari
February 11, 2019

For 96 days, since October 26, a church in the Netherlands has held a 24/7 hour church service to prevent a family from being deported, on account of the old Dutch law that barres authorities from entering...

(Photo By: Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP) ( AP )

Saudi Teen Seeking Asylum Arrives In Canada

Safa Hameed
January 15, 2019

On Jan. 5, Rahaf Alqunun, an 18 year old from Saudi Arabia, was fleeing from her home because of alleged abuse when she got detained in Bangkok, Thailand. The Teen fled while vacationing in Kuwait,...

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