The Opening of the Wildcat Writing Center

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Eleanor Shaw

On October 19th, 2020, the Wildcat Writing Center (WWC) officially opened its doors to students who attend Centreville High School. The WWC’s mission is to help students reach their full potential when it comes to writing. In order to continue fulfilling this goal in this unprecedented situation, the WWC has opened online. The tutors of the WWC strive to provide helpful feedback that will not only benefit whatever the tutee is having looked over, but their overall skill as a writer. In order to do this, these tutors have been instructed on how best to provide their services in order to ensure the effectiveness of their assistance.

To provide its services while adapting to distance learning, the WWC has given students a form that should be filled out by those who wish to be tutored. This form can be found on their website. The link to this site can be accessed through Centreville’s web page and the WWC’s social media platforms. Additionally, the link can be acquired through English teachers who have endorsed the Writing Center. This form must be filled out by oncoming tutees in order to sign up for a tutoring session. The purpose of this form is to help provide the tutors with the clarity needed to gain a better grasp of each student’s goals.

In order to accommodate to oncoming tutees’ scheduling needs and personal preferences, students have been provided with the option of being tutored synchronously or asynchronously. For instance, if a student opts for the asynchronous route, they will submit their essay to have one to two tutors add comments and feedback in the margins. This commentary could address items that range from something as simple as word choice to an item as broad as overall tone and syntax. On the other hand, if a student prefers to be tutored synchronously, they will have access to the tutoring Google Classroom and be paired up with a tutor. From there, the student will discuss their writings face-to-face with this tutor via Google Meet at an appointed time. As stated by Mrs. Oden, one of the teachers who assists in running the WWC, “The goal is to allow for maximum flexibility – everyone can get tutored, even if there are scheduling conflicts.”

All information concerning the Writing Center can be found on their website and social media accounts. To continue receiving updates regarding the WWC, follow them on Instagram or Twitter and pay mind to information relayed from morning announcements or teachers.