RBG Death and Roe v Wade

RBG Death and Roe v Wade

Claire Gibson

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) died September 8th, 2020. RBG was a hugely influential judge on the Supreme Court who had helped make abortion legal in the United States. But with her recent death, her legacy may be at risk. Republicans have made it very clear that they wish to overturn Roe v Wade. This proves to be very dangerous to women everywhere. In an article done by bangordailynews “If Roe is overturned or gutted, more people will need this option, (illegal abortions)” Jill E. Adams stated.

In 1970, Jane Roe filed a lawsuit against Henry Wade. Texas law made abortion illegal unless it was ordered to save a woman’s life. In her lawsuit, Roe alleged that the state laws were vague and unconstitutional. She stated that her right to personal privacy was being constricted. As a result of this case, Roe v. Wade allows legal abortion and bodily autonomy.

Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, elected Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch into the supreme court. They have both sided against abortion in the past. With RBGs passing, there is an open seat on the supreme court. In an article by ABC News, David O’Steen states, “I would fully expect that the president will nominate someone that he believes will adhere to the text of the Constitution”. Trumps’ front runner for this is Amy Coney Barrett. She is very conservative and with her on the court, the court will be sided with the republicans for a very long time. She has stated that she wants to overturn Roe v Wade. Amy Coney Barrett was sworn into the supreme court October 27.

Roe v Wade has been put in a difficult situation since RBG’s death and Amy Coney Barrett’s swearing-in. For now, we can only hope for the best. People’s right to bodily autonomy and women’s right to safe and legal abortion is on the line at this moment.