Minecraft Review

Minecraft Review

Zakary Robinette

Minecraft, a sandbox game created by Mojang, is about building and surviving in a blocky world where you can fight monsters, craft items, and go into other dimensions. The game was released on May 17, 2009. It quickly became one of the most popular games ever created. In 2011, Minecraft became the most popular game on the planet, but in 2018, lots of people stopped playing until 2019. Minecraft became extremely popular again when the YouTuber, Pewdiepie, started playing the game again, which made other people play it, making Minecraft the most popular game on the planet once again. Minecraft’s art style is different from most other games because everything in the Minecraft world is made of blocks. The game gets a few large updates a year such as aquatic updates, biome updates, and cave updates. The next update is one that most people have been wanting for a long time, which is another cave update that will put plants in caves and will add more biomes.

The original name of Minecraft was called “Cave Game”, it took 6 days to make, and back then it had no storyline or objective to follow. Now Minecraft has an objective: destroy the “End Crystals” and defeat an enemy called the “Ender Dragon” in the dimension called the “End”. Beating the game requires a lot of skill and practice; people who are new at the game usually have a hard time playing and beating the game.

Minecraft has become so popular that people try to make spin-off versions of the game, although none of the spinoffs come anywhere close to competing with the actual game. Mojang released a multiplayer version of the game called “Bedrock” while the single-player version is called “Java”. Bedrock was released on September 20, 2017. It also gave 5 official servers to the game, Mineplex, Lifeboat, Cubecraft, Mineville City, and The Hive. The servers are mostly to get better at the game and to play mini-games.

Playing and beating Minecraft involves a lot of patience because you won’t find what you are looking for immediately. Minecraft takes skill to be able to complete. Surviving and managing the players’ health and hunger takes a lot of work and effort. Another challenge is being able to survive the first night and get the proper tools needed to beat the game. One of the hardest parts of the game comes from the soundtracks. While in the dark or while mining, you may hear very intimidating sounds such as ambience or monsters, but most of them can’t affect you in any way except scaring you. The game also involves remembering where you are and where your camp is located because finding your way back is difficult but fun.

Minecraft can be played on mobile, computers, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Minecraft’s ratings are very high at 4.5/5 stars, and it also got the Editors Choice award and is ranked #1 in the adventure category. Minecraft is $30 in the Microsoft store, which is relatively cheap for a very highly rated game. The game has over 200 million downloads according to Microsoft and many online stores. Minecraft is a great game that you should download.