Valorant Review


Nathan Kim

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter created by Riot Games. The game already has a large player base and is steadily gaining more players each day. When the beta was released, the game had roughly three million people playing each day before officially being released to all players on June 2, 2020. But what makes the game so enjoyable and entertaining?

Valorant is a first-person shooter that is heavily inspired by the popular shooter CS:GO. In CS:GO and Valorant there are both attackers, defenders, and both have different goals. The goal of the attacker is to either eliminate all defenders or plant a bomb and protect the bomb until it explodes. The goal of the defender is also to eliminate the enemy team, but instead of planting a bomb, you are defusing the bomb that the attacker planted. In both games, you switch roles halfway through. Valorant is different in that there are characters to choose from before getting in the game, very similar to games like Overwatch and League of Legends. Each character is different and all have different roles to play in a game. With Valorant being a 5v5 instead of something higher, picking the best and most relevant characters is almost as important as the gunplay in the game.

What makes Valorant an interesting game though? Well, if you are changing games or thinking of switching from a different shooter, then this would be the game for you. Even if you have no experience with a first-person shooter, this game would still be for you. Valorant is a great introduction to these first-person shooters and could start your career in these types of games. Also, the fact that abilities can come into play makes each game a whole different experience where you will be faced with different challenges and not just the same old gunplay and interaction each time. There are currently five different maps to play on and each one is completely different from one another. Each map makes the game feel fresh again, and there are things to learn from each map. Finally, there are several different game modes that can suit your preferences. There are currently four different game modes: unrated, competitive, spike rush, and deathmatch. If you are looking for a more casual play, then consider spike rush or unrated, but if you are looking to play in a more serious aspect, then competitive is the place for you.

Valorant also has very dedicated developers and artists. Each of the eleven current characters in the game vary artistically and all the maps are made beautifully. There are also many ways to personalize your experience in the game with weapon skins, tags, banners, and buddies. The layout of the game is also very straightforward and easy to comprehend.

There are some negatives to this game. First off, Valorant is a PC or computer only game, so there is no version for console or mobile users. The average game also takes around thirty minutes to an hour at most. If time is essential to you, then Valorant may not be the game for you. On the other hand, Valorant is completely free to play; the only time money is ever used is if you decide to buy in-game cosmetics.

In summary, Valorant is a great introduction to the first-person genre and is a great way to start practicing with shooters. It is an exhilarating game that never gets boring and can suit almost anyone’s preferences.