Conqueror’s Blade Review

Conquerors Blade Review

Zakary Robinette

Conqueror’s Blade, a massive online medieval strategy game about attacking or defending a flagged area, was released on May 30, 2019, by Booming Games. It currently has a 7/10 rating on Steam and 92% on Google.

Conqueror’s Blade is PC based, and involves cooperation with teammates and performing the best tactics. In the game, players have an army of either melee units or ranged units. When defending, players must use artillery to defeat as many of the enemy units as possible. When the enemy reaches the wall, players try and push back the hostile forces. When attacking, siege engines are used to reach the enemy wall, and proper unit formations are employed, either to scare the enemy into retreating, or to fight them. After the wall is cleared of the enemy units, players must push into the kingdom and capture certain points to win the battle.

There are 11 weapon “classes” that players can choose from:

  • Mual: a heavy hammer used to destroy enemy armor and do lots of damage
  • Glaive: used to harm the enemy at a longer range
  • Poleaxe: used to cause extreme amounts of damage to the enemy but gives you less mobility
  • Longsword and Shield: used for defense against melee and ranged units
  • Shortsword and Shield: used for causing lots of damage with some defense
  • Musket: used for causing lots of damage at medium range
  • Spear: great for small amounts of damage but at a long-range
  • Nodachi: best at lots of damage but much less defense
  • Longbow and Shortbow: used for extreme amounts of damage but no defense against melee units
  • Daggers: used for small amounts of damage but at a very fast rate

The ranged classes are for people who want to attack from a distance, even though using a ranged weapon is much more difficult. The melee classes are for people who want to be in the action.

Conqueror’s Blade has multiple game modes: Seige (which is the most played), Field battle, Free battle, Deathmatch, and Territory Wars. Territory Wars is an event held twice a week in which a player can lay siege to another player’s territory in order to gain control of it. Players earn more resources when they have successfully invaded a territory. This game mode is designed for avid gamers who are extremely skilled and experienced at the game. Casuals will struggle in this game mode.

Zakary Robinette

An update that came out called “The Scourge of Winter” creates the story of an army of exiles who come from the north and raid villages, towns, and fiefs. Throughout the time of the raids, players earn achievements and gear through performance in battles. Three special units are able to be unlocked: Landsknechts (armed with poleaxes), Armiger Lancers (cavalry units with spears), and Liao’s Rangers (cavalry units armed with flaming clubs). At the end of the campaign, you get to fight the Scourge of Winter with two other players, but only using Landsknechts, and without respawns. Only the best players are able to beat the Scourge of Winter.

Zakary Robinette

The game includes a grading system which scales depending on how well you perform at defeating the enemy and keeping your units alive: S+ through C. Earning a higher grade will increase a player’s “honour” which allows players to upgrade their units, abilities, weapons, and armor.

Conquerors Blade is a great game for learning strategy and teamwork, but I would recommend watching gameplay before you decide to buy the game.