The Mandalorian: Season 2 Review

The Mandalorian promotional image (credit: Disney Plus

Eleanor Shaw

The Mandalorian, the latest installment of the legendary Star Wars franchise, has completed its second season, and it was the breath of fresh air Star Wars has needed. 

The universe of Star Wars is best defined as a fantastical realm of possibilities, full of warriors wielding life energy and lightsabers and pistols fighting against the tyrannical fist of evil. As a source of nostalgia for millions around the world, Star Wars has become a pop culture giant, its success declared as legendary. Making its name as an action-filled thrill, when one is asked about the most crucial parts of Star Wars, family may not be what comes to mind.

The second season follows hardened bounty-hunter Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) and his adoptive-son, the infamous “Baby Yoda,” as they search for this child’s home. As the name of the series suggests, Din is a Mandalorian, adorned with nearly-indestructible armor, but has vowed to never take his helmet off. Along their journey, they meet a colorful cast of characters ranging from outlaws to pirates.  In short, The Mandalorian follows “a lone gunfighter mak[ing] his way through the lawless galaxy,” as stated in the summary of the series found on Disney Plus.

During the second season, fan-favorite characters taken from other Star Wars properties, such as The Clone Wars and The Skywalker Saga, make their debut in this series, proving that this show has a bit of everything for any fan of Star Wars. Every episode brings its own flair and own perspective on the world of Star Wars. Seeing this varied cast of characters develop is a satisfying process. One of the more subtle examples of character development throughout the series is none other than the protagonist: Din. Throughout the series, Din’s cold, hardened demeanor begins to melt away as he adjusts to his newfound role as a father-figure. This subtle transition is fully realized in the second season, resulting in heart-warming moments that will resonate with any viewer.

Each week and each episode released brought new surprises, clearly taking inspiration from classic westerns. A satisfying viewing experience, this season is a worthy item to put on one’s watchlist. Through the combination of thrilling action, jaw-dropping visuals, humorous sequences, and tear-jerking displays, this season has served to solidify The Mandalorian’s position in the Star Wars pantheon, proving itself as the cultural phenomenon it has become. As stated in a review of the season published by The New Indian Express, “The Mandalorian [second season], it felt like this is the Star Wars we deserved … Visually poetic. Aurally haunting. And leaving us wondering what next, if there is indeed a next.” If you are fond of Star Wars, family-centered plots, or desire an action-filled viewing experience, this series is for you.