OPINION: Why Pets Are The Best…


Chen Vision

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Zakary Robinette

Pets are great at helping people improve their physical and mental health, reduce stress, and become more responsible.

Pets are great for you because they easily bond to you, and you easily bond to them. They can help you with stress by petting them, walking them, and even being around them. When people and pets bond, they trust each other and will do everything to make one another happy. Pets will also cause the brain to release oxytocin, which is a chemical that reduces stress and anxiety, it builds relaxation, trust, and empathy. Pets are good for people stuck at home because of the Coronavirus; they make you feel less alone and will give you something to do. For people with depression, pets are great for making you happier and feel loved and cared about. Pets are also good for when you are mad because when you pet an animal, you want to be soft so as to not hurt or scare them. Pets are also great at knowing when you are in a bad mood.

Here is what some students had to say on the subject:

“It is scientifically proven that petting an animal calms you down, and I can vouch for that. They’re also fun to play with, depending on the type of animal. I have cats, and they’re fun to play with.” – Tara Magill

“As someone who’s just generally very anxious, having a dog around just brings me so much joy. And, in a way, it kinda gives you something to work on, too. Especially with a dog or even a cat. When I’m not having a good day, a distraction from all that bad stuff happening is really helpful, so I can go and try to teach my dog a new trick, and it cheers me up. It’s amazing to see how your animal grows, too. Not just age/size-wise, but mentally. Even if you know your animal isn’t the smartest, it’s so fascinating to learn about their likes and dislikes, their habits, whether or not they’re picky eaters, stuff like that.” -Katia Austin

Having a pet will benefit your physical health because they require lots of exercise and activity. Pets also help give you a schedule by having a time of feeding, walking, and playing with them. Going on long walks or multiple short walks a day is very good for you because it is exercise, and exercise helps your body become healthier and can reduce stress. People who own pets usually live longer due to helping prevent heart disease. Some pets are specially trained to help people who have disabilities, such as seeing-eye dogs, they help guide people who are blind. Some dogs are trained to help people in hospitals not to worry about being hurt or sick.

Having a pet will increase your responsibility by making you take care of them. Bringing your pet to the vet, feeding them, playing with them, walking them, and training them requires lots of work. Making sure your pet is happy and being there for them when they are sad. Making sure that your pet is healthy and has a well-balanced diet. Some people feed their pets vegan food, which is not healthy because it does not have the protein needed. Responsibility is important because keeping your pet healthy is much more important than your personal food preference.

Training pets is a challenge that takes lots of hard work in order to make your pet responsible, it takes a lot of time and effort to teach pets where to relieve themselves and what is and is not a toy. It also takes time to teach them to not run away and that going into roads is dangerous. Teaching pets can feel rewarding when making progress because you get to bond more with them.

Pets improve people’s lives mentally and physically, it can also help you in so many different ways, I recommend looking into adopting one soon, they will improve your life.