Terraria Review

Zakary Robinette

Terraria is a 2D survival game about fighting monsters and beating bosses, in which you can earn amazing gear and even have minions fight for you. Getting NPCs to help you build a base and build a strong inventory is very useful.

Terraria progressively gets harder the more you play; and the better gear you get, the more you have to fight. There are 522 creatures that you have to fight to become powerful. Each one is more difficult to beat than the other. There are 30 bosses total in the game, some bosses you have to summon, others you can find randomly. The wall of flesh is a giant wall made of flesh with hundreds of eyes that comes and attacks you, Once you beat the “Wall of Flesh”, you will go into “hard mode”. More and new monsters will spawn and pre-existing ones will do more damage and get more health. It is a true challenge.

There are two natural phenomena: Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse. In Blood Moon, monsters are harder to defeat because you have to survive the whole night. In Solar Eclipse, monsters are VERY hard to defeat and multiple mini-bosses are spawned throughout the day. These phenomena are both easy if you have a plan and know what you are doing.

Getting NPCs to help you is very important because you are able to make trades and get very good supplies. To summon an NPC, you must make houses. You can also find some NPCs wandering the world that carry exotic supplies. NPCs can have items that range from magic all the way to standard supplies, and have almost everything you need to survive.

Terraria is only five dollars on steam and I would recommend getting it on mobile for free to see how much you like it. Terraria is one of the best games there is. You can play alone and play with friends.