Game Review of Call of Duty Cold War

Game Review of Call of Duty Cold War

Ezekiel Malual

Call of Duty Cold War is the newest first person shooter from Activision that came out November 13, 2020. This is one of the most packed Call of Duty games made with many new features. Cold War is almost an extended version of warzone, a previously made Activision game. This game takes place during the 1980’s and has a campaign that involves themes around that time. The themes are also seen in multiplayer as well as zombies with weapons from that time period. This new Call of Duty is similar to all the other ones but has a twist with a health bar changing the entire universe of Call of Duty, making it a trailblazer for a fps.

The campaign is very different with a focus on mission rather than all shooting. I really enjoy this because it allows the gamer to feel the emotions of the character. This is made evident with all the spy missions. The 80’s time period is seen throughout the game which can be overbearing. Call of Duty games are usually trigger happy, and this game continues that theme. It adds new things such as pick locking and camera work. Besides all of that the campaign can feel a bit similar to the other Call of Duty’s but the features compensate for that.

 Zombies are more interesting than ever with a new dichotomy, as well as an added weapon rarity system . There are various new features, but other features such as having a split screen are discontinued. On of the new features is that you can bring a weapon class and this allows the player to develop a play style. The play style is hard but the progress allows the player to keep leveling up. Every round is harder then the previous and has no bad qualities.

In multiplayer there are not too many maps but it allows the player to have any playstyle due to weapons. The weapons are nice but aim assist is absurd. The aim assist auto locks with meager effort. This can be unfair for certain weapons allowing players to exploit it. Score streaks are horrible, especially with a point system that is not methodical. Also, the matchmaking feature is unfair because it usually has players not around one’s skill level.

To conclude, Call of Duty Cold War is a rushed game with many inconsistencies. These inconsistencies can be ignored for those who enjoy progress and long gaming hours. The game could improve aim assist but besides that it is a well rounded game, however, Call of Duty fans are not missing out on anything.