Ginny and Georgia Review

Ginny and Georgia Review

Sim Saini

There are some shows that just don’t have enough detail to capture an audience’s attention, however, Ginny and Georgia, which came out February 24, 2021, is by far one of the most detailed and mind-capturing shows I’ve watched.

This new Netflix series Ginny and Georgia is about a woman named Georgia with a difficult past and two kids, who move to Wellsbury, Massachusetts for a fresh new start. Ginny (Georgia’s daughter) was born when Georgia was only 15 causing them to have a connection that is more sister-like than mother-daughter-like. The little age gap causes much tension between the mother-daughter duo as is Ginny becoming more independent from her mother at school while making friends and going out. All while this is happening the secrets of Georgia’s past are unraveling right in front of the audience’s eyes. These secrets unraveling and Ginny’s new school life teen drama did not fail to keep the show interesting. Throughout the whole series, there are several love interests, comedy, and drama. Georgia also has a son who is socially anxious and surprisingly okay with violence, which also builds throughout the series.

As I was watching, I got very hooked on the plotline; this show isn’t just about a single mom with a dark past and regular teenage drama but also about her daughter and the inequalities and hardships she faces as she is mixed with a white mother and an African American father. It also shows some of the mental health issues she faces such as self-harm. As for Ginny’s younger brother, Austin, he also goes through coming-of-age problems dealing with violence, finding out his mother is lying, and not understanding the world in a way as to say a regular kid would. Many people have compared Ginny and Georgia to Gilmore Girls as the plots are quite similar in the broad view but to call it a rip-off is wrong. Ginny and Georgia has a lot going on in the show especially as you continue watching, toward the ending there is a major twist that leaves the audience confused as to what will happen next.

There are some shows on Netflix that you just hate-watched and wouldn’t want a second season of but I will be waiting for the second season of Ginny and Georgia to air, though there hasn’t been any confirmation there will be a second season I’m sure the announcement will come soon. To be warned there is a lot of mature content and some triggering content such as self-harm which may not be suitable for all. However, if you’re into crime, drama, and romance-filled shows this is the one for you. Although a lot is going on in this series, I’m sure there will be at least some parts you’ll love about the show.