Boom Beach Review


Zakary Robinette

Gameplay screenshot.

Zakary Robinette

Boom Beach is a strategy and defense based mobile game released on November 11th, 2013, by Supercell.

Note: Supercell is personally my favorite mobile game developer, because they never put ads into their games. The way that Supercell advertises is different from all other mobile game companies: their ads don’t interrupt whatever you’re doing, but rather they make short cinematic videos for the viewer to enjoy. That’s what makes them special.

As I was saying, Boom Beach is a game about strategy and defense. The main premise of the game is to build a base from the ground up into a base that other players will fear to attack. The bases start off small and gradually grow bigger in size and firepower. The game’s story is that a military group called the “Blackguard” is invading native villages to make more bases and get more supplies. The player has to fight against the Blackguard to reclaim the area and free the villagers from the enemy.

The main point of a battle is to destroy the headquarters which will destroy everything the Blackguard created. Once done, the villagers will be freed in that village. The player can join a group of other players and participate in “operations”, in which multiple attacks are needed to beat a base in the Blackguard’s main area.

Although they share many similarities, attacking in Boom Beach is much different than Clash Of Clans, where the player can deploy their units anywhere outside of the enemy base. In Boom Beach, units are deployed on a beach from a boat and are ordered to press forward against the enemy fire. The player controls a gun boat from the ocean to provide fire support for the units. The player can use the gun boat by using an energy system. The more buildings that are destroyed, the more the player can help assist the attack, but be careful: the player can hit their own units dealing massive damage.

Throughout the game, the player can unlock heroes, used for healing, attacking, and swarming. These heroes use the energy system to use their special ability. The player can select the heroes special ability, each with different perks. Unlocking these heroes is a challenge: the player must destroy special blackguard bases. Heroes can even be upgraded just like units.

When upgrading the headquarters, the player unlocks new units, with each unit having special characteristics:

  • The rifleman is probably the most useful unit even though it is the first one unlocked. They can be deployed in large numbers.
  • The heavy is a good unit for absorbing damage, allowing other units to be protected.
  • The zooka is very low health, but delivers high damage at long range, and is generally used for providing cover fire.
  • The villager is a melee unit, capable of healing themselves when they do damage.
  • The tank is a medium damage, high health, and long range unit, capable of taking massive damage.
  • The grenadier can do lots of damage at extremely long range, and has high health, but will usually miss its targets, and can damage friendly units.
  • The scorcher is a tank mounted with a flamethrower, doing massive damage with extremely high health, short range, and lots of unit space; not many can be deployed.
  • The bomber is a unit with barely any health, that also takes up a lot of unit space, but can do extreme damage from insanely far away.
  • The medic has low health and slowly heals friendly units.
  • The chopper is a helicopter that does large amounts of damage, but has low health, and, when destroyed, deploys zookas.
  • The heavy chopper does low damage, has high health, and deploys heavies when destroyed.

Units can also be upgraded to deal more damage and have more health.

Boom Beach involves a lot of work and time put into it to collect resources, gold, and to build an army. The bases mostly have sniper towers, cannons, and machine guns. They can also have stun cannons, which stun the enemies. The player can also unlock rocket launchers, which do damage from a long range. After spending a good amount of time, the player can create special weapons that can be used for a limited time, each with their own special abilities.

Boom Beach is a great game and I recommend playing it, it’s a really fun game. Boom Beach is free on google play and the app store.