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The Nationals were set to kick off their season against the Braves on April 4th. However, there was a Covid-19 scare and the game was postponed to the following Tuesday. The game was pushed to a later start date and the Nationals were victorious, beating the Braves in their opening game. The Nationals took on the Braves again in their second match, however the Nats were unable to come away with another win. A team like the Nationals does not take losses easily. They are more than ready to bounce back against the Dodgers on Friday. Players like Stephen Strasburg and Sam Clay have demonstrated their improved pitching skills; Strasburg managed to throw several strong curve balls and Clay striked out two players back to back in his debut. This showed that the Nats are capable of playing a strong season. Another National to keep an eye on now is Starlin Castro. After discussion in the preseason by the coaches, it was decided that he would be moved to Third Base in the regular season. Castro has demonstrated that he is capable of playing the position and will remain there for the foreseeable future.


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The Wizards have not redeemed their season in any way. They are relying on their top players now — Beal and Westbrook — to carry them each game. The result of this? A line of back-to-back losses. However, this was in contrast to the previous game they played, against the Magic, resulting in a win for Washington. However, the win was essentially handed to them, as neither team played well on defense. With a lack of defense played by Magic, top Wizards players locked in and secured the victory. The win, however, was not crucial for the Wizards at all. Right now their season needs to continue spiraling so that the Wizards have a higher draft pick. Relying on the same four to six players to hold up an entire “professional” team is not enough. It is critical that Wizards start playing more of their bench players so that the team and coach can get a grasp of who needs to stay and go come draft time. Looking ahead, the Wizards will go up against the Warriors and the Suns in the next couple of days.


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The Washington Capitals are in a tough spot right now. They are currently tied for first with the New York Islanders at 54 points. As the playoffs are approaching rather quickly, a tie in the standings is not exactly the best place to be. It is more important to feel secure in a standing spot right now. The Caps have had a rough run with Islanders. A team like the Islanders are hard to beat. They play their games at a quicker pace and are much younger than the other teams within their division, which gives them more of an advantage. The Capitals are quick, but they are not quick and young. It is important that the Capitals focus their attention on refining their offense and defense to ensure that they can keep up and remain at a high spot in the current standings. Right now, the Capitals have put up Richard Panik, who has not done much for the team in the last 36 games. If another team signs him by Thursday, the team will be in search of another player. However, anything could happen, and nothing has been confirmed that the Caps are looking to pick up another player or reassign Panik. Aside from the waiver in the upcoming days, the Capitals will take on the Bruins and Sabres.


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The Washington Football team has made history, hiring the NFL’s first Latina coordinator of football programs. Natalia Dorantes was announced as the new coordinator on Wednesday. She is also the third woman in the NFL to currently work in this position. She will work alongside Ron Rivera as she will create schedules for all of the departments, ranging from medical to scouting. Aside from this, the Washington Football team has been on the hunt for a new wide receiver. Rumor has it that Washington is looking to trade Cam Sims for another player in the upcoming days. However, this has not been confirmed nor denied. As the draft approaches, Washington is looking to gain a higher spot in the draft for a better chance at a quarterback. They have currently signed Ryan Fitzpatrick; however he is not bound to stay and is in the later years of his NFL Career. If Washington can trade up for a higher pick, they can ensure a better shot at a quarterback. Finding a younger player at the position would be ideal, as Washington can extend the contending window of the team. Establishing a strong quarterback from the very beginning is what the team needs to ensure a strong season.