Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Review

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Zakary Robinette

Assassins Creed Odyssey, the latest installment in the game series created by Ubisoft, is about a Spartan who was abandoned as a baby after being thrown off a mountain in Greece to save their little brother. The game’s story centers around seeking revenge on an evil group, and the main character’s search for their family.

Players are given the option of choosing the identity of the playable character, though I recommend playing as Kassandra, since she has a more compelling persona. Whichever character you don’t choose becomes the game’s villain — a role that Alexios is much better suited for.

The game starts the player off with simple combat in order to learn the basics of gameplay, assigning players the role of Leonidas (the grandfather of the main characters) in a large battle. The story picks up with the main character (Kassandra or Alexios) talking to a child named Phoebe, who is one of the main characters and is very important to the story. Every single choice in the game is important because it will affect the player later on–what the player says, what the player does, and who the player talks to. For example, I was playing the game and saved a sick family from being killed; now there is a deadly plague on the Kephalonia islands.

The main enemy of the game is a group called the Cult of Kosmos who is led by somebody that influenced the main character’s life. The cult of Kosmos has very powerful members, controlling everything in the Greek world, and killing people they don’t like — they are so influential that even their guards are a challenge to fight, however, the player is able to pick these off one at a time.

If illegal actions are performed, a bounty can be put on the player, and other mercenaries will come after the player and try to kill them. The player can kill them, kill the sponsor, wait it out, or pay them off using Drachmae, the ancient Greek currency.

Combat is the main aspect to the game, and there are many different weapon classes: sword, spear, axe, staff, and daggers. Learning in-game combat is very important as well as learning how to dodge, which is one of the main aspects to survival. The player is also given a bow which can be swapped out for better ones. Gear can be upgraded at a smith. It is a good idea to upgrade and engrave your current gear. Engraving is done at a blacksmith, which gives special perks to the players weapons and armor.

Once the player reaches level 50, they will be able to spend skill points on stats such as health, critical damage chance, and more critical damage. Spending skill points is a tough decision because every skill is useful.

There are three types of main damage: hunter, which is bow damage; warrior, which is melee (close range) damage;  and assassin, which is stealth damage. Assassin damage does the most, but it is very hard to use because it can also only be used when the enemy is not aware of your presence. The player can also use their bird, Ikaros to help them quietly cause damage to enemies by harassing them.

Many bosses can be fought throughout the game like cyclopes, the mighty minotaur, and even Medusa.

Many special abilities can be obtained in the game by leveling up. If the player is not happy with the abilities the player has, the player can always use some Drachmae to get all of the player’s skill points back to redo the player’s abilities.

PlayStation LifeStyle says of the game, “Ubisoft set out to create an Assassin’s Creed game worthy of Odysseus’ name, and bravo, they have done it…It’s certainly as long as one of Homer’s poems, but every minute of it is entertaining, and, well, fun.”

IGN also said, “While there are some rough edges, Odyssey sets a new bar for Assassin’s Creed games and holds its own in the eternal debate over the best open-world roleplaying games ever.”

Overall, the game is really fun and I love the graphics and the story. I recommend that you check it out before spending $60 on the game. You can buy it on the Xbox, PS, or Steam.