Apex Legends Review

Nathan Kim

Apex Legends is a battle royale style game, created by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, first released on February 19, 2019 as a direct competition to the vastly popular battle royale, Fortnite. In the first few weeks of release, the game put up a very strong fight to the titan that is Fortnite, but ultimately could not keep up the traction and peaked at 70 million players in its first few months.

The gameplay in Apex Legends is similar to those of other battle royales, where you drop in from a ship, loot and fight others while the zone gets smaller and fight it out in the final zone. But what makes Apex different is that you play as certain legends, or characters. There are a total of 16 different legends as of May 2021, but with each season the developers add one more addition to the strong lineup of characters. Each character has an ability pool which makes each character different from one another. There are characters that have more support abilities, while others initiate fights and can evade opponents.

Apex is a smaller battle royale compared to other battle royales such as Fortnite, Warzone, Hyperscape and PUBG, but has the same basic objective as the others — to win, all you need to do is be the last player standing. Apex has a total of three maps to play on but with the lobbies being limited to only 60 players, the game is much faster and tends to be more exciting in the early game. The loot in the game is very widespread and can sometimes be a little confusing. There are a total of 25 different guns, each with its own unique attributes. There are not only guns but healing items, upgrades to weapons, grenades, armor, and rare items. But because of this large loot pool, it can be hard to keep up with what you need and what you can ditch. The game can also tend to feel very slow in the middle because many people die off very early in the game, so there is a wait period between the beginning and the end game where it feels like there is almost nothing happening. But when an enemy does approach, the excitement almost immediately comes back because the gunplay in this game is very crucial and fun. With the wide variety of weapons, each weapon is tuned to a different style of attack. With a combination of good gunplay and good movement, the fights in this game are almost always going to keep you interested.

The game itself has many different game modes, but one major flaw would be that there is no solo game mode. Apex Legends is a team game where a solo game would be hard to play. There was a solo game mode at one point in the earlier seasons, but that was removed and has not been released since. Besides the lack of a solo game mode, there is a competitive mode for more exhilarating experiences, and a public mode where game modes are regularly updated. The developers consistently update and balance their game so that the game feels fair, and new seasons arrive every two months or so, giving the game a fresh feeling that keeps you wanting to play just a little bit more.

In summary, Apex Legends is a great battle royale game that doesn’t take a lot of time to play, has lots of unique elements, and is fun to play with friends. The game is available to play on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. A mobile version of the game is also set to release in 2022.