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The Capitals seemed poised for greatness after the first game of the NHL playoffs, however this was far from the case. After winning the first game of their intense series against the Bruins, Washington was unable to win another. The Bruins managed to pull off four straight wins against the Caps, surpassing them into the second round of the playoffs where they will play either the Penguins or Islanders. The Capitals’ focus must now move to the offseason where they will be dealing with a few key expiring contracts. Most notably is future Hall-of-Famer Alex Ovechkin. “Ovie” has been
on the Caps for 16 years now, and is coming up on the end of his 13 year, $124 million contract. It remains to be seen whether the star player will choose to retire or sign an extension.


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After a loss in the Play-In tournament, the Wizards were able to come back and demolish the Indiana Pacers in game two, securing them a spot in the NBA playoffs. Unfortunately, they were matched up with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are a worst nightmare matchup for Washington. With the offense running entirely through guard-play with Westbrook and Beal, the 76ers have the perfect defensive matchups to stifle it all. Not to mention star center, Joel Embiid, who would have a strong MVP resume had he not been injured earlier in the season. The 76ers currently hold the lead over the Wizards two games to none. In order for Washington to move onto the next round they will have to start picking up wins.


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The Nationals have continued to struggle throughout the past couple of days. While they have won their past three games against the Orioles, it is not enough to move them up in the standings. Nevertheless, the next few games they play are against the Reds, who are currently one spot ahead of the Nats in the N.L. Central standings. In other news the Nationals had to delay their game against the Reds last night for two reasons; weather and a streaker. Heavy rain picked
up quickly as it typically does in Washington during the Spring. To make matters worse, while the delay was in progress, a streaker ran out onto the field and was instantly applauded by the surrounding crowd. The game was officially suspended after that, therefore the Nationals will continue to take on the Reds in the next couple of games.


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“We do not have to rely on the Quarterback. We have a lot of good weapons around our QB,” answers Ron Rivera as he is questioned abut his comfort with the quarterback position. Rivera is relying on long-time vet, Ryan Fitzpatrick, to pick up where Alex Smith left off. Fitzpatrick has played for a number of teams throughout his career, which should help him adapt quickly to this new system. While that may be beneficial for Washington right now, it is not going to set them up for success in the future. Many are upset for this exact reason, when it comes time to let him go, who will fill the spot? It would be more reasonable to have drafted a skilled college quarterback that can be worked up to a strong and adaptable player, that would provide more stability for a team like Washington. For now, Rivera will continue to polish the rest of that offense and ensure that they will be ready come preseason.