The Best Place for Cam Newton


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Nov 15, 2020; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; (Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton

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Cameron Newton, otherwise known as Cam Newton (born May 11, 1989), is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He played his first nine seasons in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers, who selected him as the First overall pick in the 2011 draft. Newton had college football stints at Florida and Blinn before joining Auburn, where he won the Bowl Champion Series National Championship and Heisman Trophy in 2010. Nicknamed “Super Cam”, he is the NFL career leader in quarterback rushing touchdowns at 70. Cam Newton has been a top quarterback in the league for the past 5 years. However, he has been declining every year though because he’s getting older. He still is an amazing player and still of value in this league. He has Super Bowl experience and knows what it takes to get to that level to be there.
The best place for Cam Newton right now is the New Orleans Saints. They are moving towards running more types of quarterbacks and that is what Cam Newton is known for. They also don’t really have a quarterback right now, all of their quarterbacks aren’t good enough to start. They don’t have someone who can throw the ball at a high rate and be able to run when it’s necessary too. Cam is explosive and he can keep his team in the game with his enthusiasm and effort at all times. The Saints need someone like that that’s why I think it’s the best fit and they are the highest contenders for him.
The New England Patriots gave him up just like that. They are putting all their trust in their rookie quarterback Mac Jones. Cam Newton started the season off badly last year but he picked it up towards the middle of the year. He was having a decent year too. He had the second highest completion rate than he has ever had in his career. He had 20 rushing td’s at the age of 32 he is still doing good things in the NFL and can still be used in this league.
Cam Newton doesn’t wanna go to a team just to be a backup quarterback. He believes that he still has the talent to start somewhere for a team. That doesn’t mean he’s not willing to work for a spot. He isn’t giving up though he is in the gym everyday making sure to keep his craft sharp. That doesn’t mean just field work. On and off the field everyday to stay in tip-top shape and not be rusty because you never know when you will get that call that a team wants you and you always have to be ready.