The Wildcat Writing Center’s Reopening


Julissa Guevara-Lopez

Students at the Wildcat Writing Center (Credit: Julissa Guevara-Lopez)

Julissa Guevara-Lopez

Check out the Wildcat Writing Center located in room 208 where students can tutor you one-on-one. It is a friendly environment where you can get feedback on your writing and get the help you need. They can help you with your English paper, Science lab report, and college essay. They’re open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays during lunch. If you want to stay after school then you can stop by room 208 on Mondays and Thursdays. Or if you can’t make it to any of those sessions you can get help online by sharing your writing with a tutor and they will get back to you in 2-3 days.

What’s the WWC? 

WWC is short for the Wildcat Writing Center. Mrs. Oden and Ms. Robinson are the two sponsors for the center. The writing center’s goal is to help educate students and help them become a better informed writer. The tutors provide one-on-one tutoring which gives them another pair of eyes to view their writing. These tutors are very skilled writers and have been in your shoes before and are there to guide you.

Special Events

The Wildcat Writing Center has also held a Coffee House in the past. However, because of COVID restrictions they are still unsure if there will be a Coffee House this year. In the past they have been held in the cafeteria. Students are able to sign up to perform and share their writing, poems, and work. The Coffee House usually happens in the winter or spring. They have also given away chocolates in the past during February. This also usually happens in the cafeteria and you are able to buy the chocolate and give it to someone special to you.

The History of the WWC

The Wildcat Writing Center began in 2009 when FCPS invited two English teachers from each high school to come to a meeting. The first writing center was at Edison High School and was an inspiration to one of our English teachers Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. Hughes was in grad school and had been writing a research paper about the writing center. She then was invited to be apart and create the first writing center at Centreville High School because she was already familiar with it. The Wildcat writing center had its first opening year during the 2010-2012 school year. There were only 11 tutors that year and the next they had 23. The year after that they had about 35 tutors and it was finally enough to separate into two different classes. In 2013, Mrs. Hughes took the students to a National Conference in Peer tutoring and writing in Chicago.


This year we have 19 tutors in total. After interviewing some I have learned that there is so much collaboration and communication in the WWC. Idris Idris, is a junior and joined the WWC his sophomore year. After talking with him he said “If the writing center were a person I would take a bullet for them.” Other tutors felt the same way. Tyler Chubb’s is a junior and said “I recommend joining the Wildcat Writing Center because knowing that you’re helping others with their writing is a great feeling and you get the chance to see other people’s writing styles.” Whitney Adams also feels the same way she said  “It’s a really great class and it’s a good learning experience. Our whole purpose is to help people with writing so please come!” Mrs. Oden, one of the sponsors, says  “It’s so much better to get tutored by other students because they were once in your shoes.”