Videogame Review: Warframe

Zakary Robinette

Warframe is an action/adventure video game that was released on March 25th, 2013 by Digital Extremes and Panic Button Games. It has a 95% rating on Google. Warframe can be played on PC, XBOX, PS and Nintendo Switch. It’s best to play on PC because it is a multiplayer game with a chat function.

Warframe is set around 20 million years in the future. The solar system is at war with three main factions: Corpus, Grineer, and Tenno. The Corpus and Grineer are the main threats, but there are others, including the Infestation which lays on the outside of the solar system and consumes everything it touches. The Corrupted are another enemy and are the remaining soldiers of the long lost Orokin Empire. The Orokin empire was a highly advanced civilization that seemed to be flawless, but was actually extremely corrupt with its strict laws. The Sentients are another enemy whose machines used to terraform the Tau system (a solar system about 12 light years away), but they revolted and destroyed the Orokin. The Sentients are set on destruction and control,  and they were destroyed by the Tenno hundreds of years ago, but rebuilt outside the solar system. The Grineer are a brutal faction with millions of soldiers as they clone their soldiers. The average Grineer can only live a few years due to “Clone Decay”, but most of them die in combat. The Corpus are a faction based on money, power, and mass production. The Tenno is a faction based on maintaining control of the war–not letting one side win. Tenno, also known as Warframes, were created as a last resort for fighting off the Sentients. The Tenno won but helped eradicate the Orokin in the process. The Corrupted can only survive in the Void, a place forbidden to Sentients and the final resting place of the mighty Orokin. More about Warframe is explained throughout the game.

There are three open world areas in Warframe: Plains of Eidolon located on Earth, Orb Vallis located on Venus, and the Cambion Drift located on an infested anomaly. Archwings (jetpacks) can be deployed in open world areas, along with Necramechs (mechs used in previous wars). 

Missions are the main part of Warframe, with three different mission types: ground, Archwing, and Railjack. Ground missions take place on planets and ships.  Archwing missions take place in a space tileset. Railjack missions are set in the Proxima regions, mostly where enemy Gallions and other space set objectives are. Railjacks are Tenno crewships that can have up to four crew members, excluding other players. Railjack missions are a mix of Archwing and ground missions.

There are four different types of jobs a crew member can have. Engineers will help repair the Railjack. Defenders will fight off boarded enemies. Gunners will use the turrets to assist in destroying enemy ships. The Pilot will fly around the Railjack, not recommended. The best jobs are Defender and Engineer because other players will join. Many people buy their Railjack using Platinum, which is a massive mistake because it costs 400 platinum. Platinum should never be used to buy things that can be gained by playing the game. Doing the quest for the Railjack is more efficient.

Currency and trading is a big part of Warframe. Credits are the basic currency in the game, obtained by selling items and completing missions. Platinum is the exclusive currency; it cannot be obtained by playing the game. It can be bought from the Market or traded among players. The best way to gain Platinum is by selling Prime parts to other players. Prime parts are used to create primed Warframes or weapons, and they can  be obtained with Void Relics, unlocked in Void Fissures. Riven mods and Primed mods are also a good way to earn Platinum.

Mods are an important part of the player’s build. Warframes, weapons, and companions need mods to be effective in combat. Mods can be upgraded at the mod station; however, they need Endo and Credits to be upgraded. Riven mods are rare mods that can be sold or unlocked by completing a specific challenge. When unlocked, the mod will only be able to fit in a certain weapon. Primed mods are similar to basic mods, but they are heavily enhanced. Endo can be obtained by dissolving mods, completing missions, and selling Ayatan items to Maroo on mars. Maroo also hosts the main trading hub in Warframe where the player will find a variety of items. Every week, Maroo will have a special mission, where the player is deployed to either Deimos or the Void to find an Ayatan Sculpture. Sculptures can be fitted with Ayatan stars for maximum Endo or can be sold for Platinum.

Affinity is the XP system in Warframe. It is gained by leveling up new weapons and gear. Weapons bought from the market don’t count for earning Affinity, they have to be built. The player will earn Affinity by completing missions and objectives. Affinity can also drop from crates, identifiable as a green prism. There are thirty base ranks, each taking longer to level up the higher the number is. Some weapons, Warframes, and gear require certain levels to use.

The Orbiter is the home and base of every Tenno. Each Orbiter has a navigation system, a mod station for managing and upgrading mods, a foundry for building gear, an incubator for companions, and an arsenal station for customizing the loadout. They also have a Helminth (an Infested room used to upgrade Warframes) personal quarters for relaxing, and the heart of the Orbiter where the Operator controls their Warframe. The Orbiter can be customized to the player’s liking, and decor can also be added. Decor can be bought with platinum or earned from syndicates and leveling up.

Overall, Warframe is a very fun and entertaining game that can be played over a long period of time. The community is extremely nice and helpful to players, so you can even meet new friends. If interested, you can get the game on XBOX, PS, PC and Nintendo Switch–I still recommend it on PC. Warframe is free on all platforms.