The Henry Ruggs Accident


LJ Person

Henry Ruggs used to be  a Wide Receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders who is now being charged with a DUI. DUI means driving under the influence. He was driving under the influence of alcohol.  The reason he is being charged with this is because he was driving his car at four in the morning drunk. Not just that, but he was driving his Corvette at 150 mph and had no control over the vehicle . He hit another car that was stopped as he was going way over a regular speed limit. Because of this, the people that got hit have been severely injured and one woman has passed away from this accident. This is not just a little accident, because of something like this his whole career could be over.
This has affected way more people than you would think. Not only does it affect his family and career, it also affects the head coach of the team’s job and family.  “As an NFL coach, the longer you go without winning games the higher chance you have of getting fired”. Henry Ruggs was the number one target for the team and had the most receptions for his team. Because of his DUI charge his season is over and his NFL career is most likely over. He hasn’t been sentenced yet but the reporters said he might have up to 15 to 20m years in jail. Over one drunk night he has ruined his whole career he was an up and coming star in this league and now he is going to be forgotten over a dumb mistake.
Considering the injuries he has taken in this car crash it would be very difficult for him to go back to being the NFL player he was before the accident. Injuries such as a broken leg and sum damage to the neck. His body wouldn’t work the same anymore. He still hasn’t been sentenced yet and we don’t know how many years he would have to serve. If it’s ten or less years there’s a very low possibility but he might be able to come back to the league. The chances of him being able to transition back is nearly impossible and NFL teams wouldn’t want a problem maker on their roster. Now he’s just waiting for his sentence not having anything to fall back on now. All his money is going to disappear with the Las Vegas Raiders taking his multi million dollar contract away. This is probably the last time we will hear about the name Henry Ruggs.
Henry Ruggs III, born January 24, 1999, was an American Football Player. Who is now a free agent due to this big accident happening. He was the fastest player to come out of the 2020 draft class. He got selected by the Las Vegas Raiders  in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft and was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders with the twelfth pick in the first round of the NFL draft. He was the fastest in the 2020 draft. Also he was one of the fastest players in the league if not the fastest, and had one of the fastest 40 times ever seen. He used his speed to get past defenders and was able to catch the ball that made him tough to guard and stop. This is a sad story that could’ve gone way different but one decision that he made changed his whole life.