Review: Regretting You


Katie Wilson

DISCLAIMER: This review involves minor spoilers of the novel, Regretting You, by Colleen Hoover.

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover displays and unfolds the fictional story of 34-year-old Morgan Grant, and her daughter, Clara. The Grant’s are the picture-perfect family, a stable, two-parent household. That is, until Morgan’s husband, Chris, and her sister, Jenny, unexpectedly die in a car accident. Oddly enough, Jenny and Chris were not meant to be in a car together. Morgan and Jonah, Jenny’s fiancé, are set to find out why they were together, and reluctantly reveal many secrets, which forces them to rethink everything they thought they knew about their loved ones. Clara, however, is blindsided by her mother and is not told anything about this, so she decides to come to her conclusions about her father and aunt. Clara, now shunned by her mother, seeks comfort in the boy she is forbidden from seeing. With every wrong turn, Clara and Morgan, her mother, drift further apart. Will they ever come together again, or will the death and drama of family be too much? The emotions are high, and the conversations are deep in Colleen Hoover’s Regretting You.

Every Colleen Hoover book I have read is brilliant, Hoover never seems to disappoint when it comes to plots; however, Regretting You has more than one area of dismay. Although this book was phenomenal, as expected, I was not content with how it ended abruptly. I feel as though the ending was rushed, and could have been more spread out. There was a large time jump towards the end, and while the end had me feeling very content, I was taken aback by the sudden end.

Hoover shows great attention to detail in her novels, and this is proven further in Regretting you. The details told in the tale leave the reader satisfied and shocked. Hoover talks about the smallest features, some, many people wouldn’t notice until told.

I am not the only person who enjoys this novel, evidence shows in the comment written by Publishers Weekly, “Betrayals, secrets, and shifting family loyalties keep the pages turning in this excellent contemporary from Hoover…This is Hoover at her very best.”

I am a person who craves backstory when it comes to books. Hoover (almost) always delivers a beautiful backstory to the novels she writes, including Regretting You. The story begins when Morgan is around 16-years-old and tells the reader the journey she went through finding out she was pregnant.

It’s time for yet another character breakdown! Starting with one of our two main characters, Morgan Grant. Morgan was an important aspect of this book; however, I wasn’t happy with the way she carried herself through her actions. Moving on, the second main character, Clara Grant. While Clara’s character wasn’t exactly the best either, she was more tolerable in terms of reactions. She has outbursts throughout the book, yes, but they weren’t as bad as Morgan. Next, we have the infamous Jenny and Chris. To be completely honest, I strongly disliked both of their characters for numerous reasons, but I cannot get into them because they’re considered spoilers.

Three-time award-winning, bestselling author, Colleen Hoover, published her then 20th novel on December 10th, 2019, with the help of Montlake Romance publishing company. Hoover now has 22 novels published, seven of them being New York Times bestselling books. She has been nominated for six awards and has been fortunate enough to win half of them. Unfortunately, Regretting You has not yet been nominated for any awards.

The most powerful statement in this novel is, “I’m confident that I’ll never spend a single second of my life regretting you” (Hoover 254). Though you have to read the novel to figure out the significance of the quote, I promise it will be worth it when you read Regretting you.