Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Update


Screen capture of Enkanomiya (Genshin Impact)

Kevin Han

On January 5th, a new version of Genshin Impact was released, containing many changes from a different UI on Console to a new map. The 2.4 Update is filled with events and 2 new characters, with many more releasing, according to miHoYo. 

New Characters

Genshin Impact is an open-world Action/Adventure RPG game made by miHoYo, available on PC, Console, and Mobile. Genshin Impact implements a gacha system as a way to pull, or “wish” for new characters for players to enjoy. The recent 2.4 Update brought 2 new characters—Shenhe and Yun Jin—along with Xiao’s first ever re-run. In the next half of the update, miHoYo will be releasing Zhongli and Ganyu—2 of the most popular characters in the player base—along with free wishes in the form of a daily check-in event, so players can either choose to wish, or save for their desired characters. An anonymous player stated that “the 2.4 update has been pretty good so far. People aren’t complaining about it at all and everyone’s enjoying the new characters and areas that have been released”. 

Enkanomiya and New Enemies

The update also brought Enkanomiya, a new location, into the world map. Currently, Genshin Impact has 3 regions—Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Enkanomiya, a location in Inazuma, is locked until players meet certain conditions and do quests to unlock it. The new location is filled with new types of monsters called Bathysmal Vishaps, new Specters, and Abyss Lectors guarding treasure chests and challenges. Enkanomiya also features a Day/Night mechanism, which allows players to use devices spread across the map to change from one to another. This new Day/Night mechanism also deactivates any barriers that are open during the Day when players switch to Night, and vice versa. This makes puzzles and challenges more diverse and harder.

New Quests

After months of waiting, a new Archon Quest was released, along with Shenhe’s Story Quest as well as Ningguang and Yun Jin’s Hangout Events. The new Archon Quest takes place in Liyue, a region in Genshin Impact based on Chinese Culture and Architecture. On the second Half of 2.4, another event will be released, which will be a follow-up to 1.3’s Lantern Rite Event that took place in Liyue (To learn more about 1.3, check out this article from CVHS). 


The Windtrace event—a type of prop-hunt minigame with a maximum of 4 players— that was first released on Update 1.4 made its return in 2.4 with newer maps and better mechanics. This event was loved by the community when it first came out—before being removed due to the end of the event—and as it has come back with even more additions to the minigame, the player base is overly satisfied with the event. There are numerous more events coming out soon, following the Re-run Character Banners for Zhongli and Ganyu.

User Interface (UI) Changes

A couple more changes were made to the UI on Console, making the game easier to navigate through. The crafting station UIs were also changed, giving it a neater look with easier-to-navigate designs. Overall, the 2.4 Update brought changes that the players have been waiting for, and the player base is hopeful for the future of Genshin Impact.