The NFL Playoffs


The NFL Playoff Bracket

LJ Person

This year’s playoff games have some of the best matchups. The games should be really competitive and go down to the wire. I don’t think there’s one game where it won’t be entertaining. This doesn’t mean one might not be competitive but every team that made it this year wasn’t out of luck; they actually worked for their playoff positions. Some of the teams that you should be watching are the Chiefs, Rams, Bills, and more. It should be interesting to see who goes all the way and who doesn’t choke under the pressure.

There are two divisions, AFC and NFC. Seven teams make the playoffs on both sides. The number one seed on each side gets a first round bye and automatically makes the second round of the playoffs. The two teams who have the first round bye are the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans. That’s a big advantage because you can get players back who may have been hurt or on the COVID list. Also an advantage is their body gets to rest. They work hard 7 days a week. They do this every week so your body is going to be tired and sore. So not having to play this weekend is an advantage for those two teams. Doesn’t mean they are going to win but they have a better chance of winning because of the bye this week. There’s a downside to having this break too. Having this week off can get you out of your schedule and routine and that could mess you up. So just because they have an extra break doesn’t mean they will win for certain, they still have to come ready to play.

The Rams are my favorite football team. They are in the playoffs, their first round matchup is against the Arizona Cardinals. I believe without their number one receiver DeAndre Hopkin’s they can’t beat the Rams. The Rams defensive line is Top ten in the league. The cardinals still have there quarterback Kyler Murray who is very elusive and if you don’t put pressure on him he will make you look bad. The offense for the Rams have to make plays and not turn the ball over so much and the secondary of the Rams have to communicate what is happening if they want a chance to win. The Cardinals’ whole defense has to show up and make plays or they won’t have a chance to win. It should be a good matchup. It depends on who is going to come ready to play. I think it’s going to be the Rams.

One of my favorite matchups is the Bengals vs the Raiders. The reason this is one of my favorite matchups is because there’s not one team that’s clearly better than the other. Both offenses are elite and defense is solid but both teams’ downfall in their record and why they lost the games they did. So if one team is having a bad offense in a game that might be the reason they lose this game. At the end of the day though it’s the NFL so it doesn’t matter who has the best record or has the better offense or defensive team. It depends on who comes ready to play and who wants it more.

The other games aren’t bad like I said they are all good matchups this year but they aren’t going be as good of a matchup on both sides of the ball and as interesting I believe. They will still be fun to watch like all NFL games and especially like all playoffs games are. Hopefully there’s some crazy finishes and some good upsets this year.