Rams Vs 49ers


LJ Person

The Rams have lost their last six games straight to the 49ers in the regular season. There’s just something about the 49ers that the Rams can’t get to. The 49ers also happen to be in the  same division as the Rams, which makes them rival teams. This was the biggest game for both of these teams in the past three years. It was like it was their first time playing and both teams just wanted to win really bad. The 49ers haven’t been to the Super Bowl in over ten years, and they are playing the team they have beaten three years in a row. They came out very confident.

The Rams came out victories. They haven’t beat this team in about three years. So, they obviously had to make some changes to win this game. There is a player on the 49ers named Deebo Samuel. Their whole office runs through Samuel. If you stop him then you stop the 49ers. Samuel plays wide receiver, but he can also play running back. This is what makes him this big of a threat. Most people can’t play two positions at a high level in the NFL like he can. So, whenever Samuel was in the backfield as a running back they had a linebacker spy on him and played the run to him. So, he didn’t rush for that many yards like he usually does. The Rams did not fully stop Samuel, however. He caught a screen pass and took it all the way for a touchdown. There were about three to four missed tackles on that play. This play changed the whole game.

Because of the Samuel touchdown, the game was tied 7 to 7. The Rams’ defense were staring at each other in disbelief. The 49ers have the momentum, and looked like they’ve moved in the right direction to the Super Bowl. The Rams got the ball and go three and out a couple of times in a row. The 49ers come out defeated. The score was then 10-7 at the end of halftime. It’s only a one possession game, but the Rams weren’t moving the ball and were getting three and outs constantly. They had to find some way to move the ball to score. In football, when nothing else is working, you have to get the ball to your playmakers and that’s what the Rams did. They got the ball to their number one receiver who is also an All-Pro player, Cooper Kupp. He started getting consecutive catches for several yards and making big plays. They drove all the way down the field for the first time in the second half then they came a little short of field goal range, so they had to punt. The Rams let the 49ers drive all the way down the field again, but this time the 49ers scored a touchdown.

As a Rams fan, I didn’t come into this game really confident. I have seen my team lose to this team for a very long time. I didn’t really understand why we couldn’t beat them until recently. The main thing I can say about it was that they wanted it more than us. They were in the lead in the last game we played them in this year, but we got complacent. We didn’t move the ball anymore and were getting too many empty positions. These are NFL teams, and so they are eventually going to capitalize on all the empty positions. This game was the other way around. The 49ers got complacent with where they were at and didn’t finish the job. So the Rams took advantage of that and took the win home. Now, the Rams get to play in their own stadium for the Super Bowl.