Recap of the Super Bowl


(Image: Super Bowl 56 winner, score and MVP – Sports Illustrated)

LJ Person

There was a lot of animosity and tension surrounding this year’s Super Bowl. Although I haven’t watched a lot of Super Bowls, this one was the most entertaining thus far. It came down to the wire, like every game in this year’s playoffs.  However, this one ended a little bit differently; the time between the halftime show and the ending of this game was a thriller.

Out of thirty-two NFL teams there’s only two teams that make the Super Bowl. So, these teams were the best of the best. It takes a lot of hard work to make it to the Super Bowl, and both teams worked hard to get there. It was a good game and never stopped getting interesting. It wasn’t easy for either of the teams. For example, one of the key players for the Rams offense, Odell Beckham Jr., got hurt. He was the one to take pressure off Cooper Kupp, the number one wide receiver for the rams. When he went down the Bengals started double and triple covering Cooper Kupp, causing the Rams not to be able to move the ball. They kept trying the run game, but that wasn’t working. The Rams defense was holding up, and they kept stopping the Bengals from scoring. Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Rams, threw a pick and the Bengal’s were already in the field goal range. So, that put the Bengal’s up ten points early in the third quarter. It’s a championship game, so you know it’s not gonna end in a blow out.

The Rams finally get something to work, and they drive the football down far enough to attempt a field goal. They made the field goal, so now they are down one touchdown. As a Rams fan in this position, I’m not feeling the best.  The Bengals have the ball with not that much time left in the game. They are controlling the pace and moving the ball slowly. The Rams finally get a stop with under five minutes left in the game. The Rams didn’t have any momentum going with them so they just had to do what they could do. They get good yardage on the first two downs to get them to a third and first. This meant that they only need one yard for a first down. They didn’t get that one yard, and they have a big decision to make here. Do they go for it, or do they punt the ball to the other team? They decided to go for it.

They put the game in their best player’s hand when it came down to it. Cooper Kupp got the Rams the first down to keep the Rams alive in this game. He gets four to five yard on that play to keep the ball moving. For some reason, they weren’t keying on Cooper Kupp any more, and he was getting open. They get to the red zone on offense. Some people would say it was a bad call, but the refs called a holding call on the defense. That kept the drive alive for the Rams as they are down four points now, so they need a touchdown. They throw a fade route to Cooper Kupp, and he catches it on the defender.  They are up by three points now, and the Bengals get the ball. They get a 16 yard reception to their number one receiver Jamar Chase for the first down, putting them in a position where they could make a field goal to go to overtime. They get stopped from the first down on first and second down. It’s third and one now for the Bengals. They run the ball and don’t get the first down. This is the last down for the Bengals; if they don’t get this first down right here, then they lose the super bowl. Joe Burrow drops back, and before he knew it, Arron Donald–probably the best place in the NFL–is there to sack him for the Super Bowl. The Rams won the super bowl winning 23-20.

I’m happy my team was able to win the super bowl. This is only the Rams’ second Super Bowl win. It wasn’t easy for them. They were lacking a big part of their offense in Odell Beckham. However, Cooper Kupp was able to make the big plays that gave them the win.