Where Will These Top Quarterback’s End Up Next Season?


Nikita Erdmann Morris

Where will these top quarterback’s end up next season? Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, and Russel Wilson have all been rumored to be traded before the new NFL season starts on March 16. Although nothing is set in stone, there have been negotiations and mock trades surfacing in the media. One trade in particular is between Russell Wilson and his team, the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson has been with the Seahawks since he was drafted back in 2012. He has led the team to multiple playoff appearances and two Super Bowl appearances (2014 and 2015) one of which he won. His overall stats are unreal; he has a completion percentage of 65%, and he has thrown for 37,059 yards and has 292 passing touchdowns.

Now, some may wonder, why would the Seahawks ever want to trade Wilson? Well, considering him being 33 years old, he is getting close to retiring. Looking from a business perspective, Seattle should acquire a young quarterback (QB) that they can mold into their offensive scheme. Look at New England, for instance, they lost Tom Brady to the Buccaneers, but they recruited Mac Jones, who has been excelling in every way you would want a rookie to. The head coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, is reported to be holding onto Wilson unless it’s necessary to trade him. This being said, if there is a QB that catches their eye in the upcoming draft, they will pursue him and trade Wilson.

This may seem harsh, but with Wilson on the team, Seattle’s cap value has increased by $30 million. Without Wilson, they would have roughly $40 million in cap space, which could be used for multiple first rounders and veterans around the league to help rebuild the team. Now, if Wilson is traded there are a couple teams that would get him. The Commanders (previously the Washington Football Team) are in the market for an experienced QB which makes Wilson a perfect candidate for their offense.

During the pro bowl, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen of the Commanders was expressing his interest in having Wilson join the team. Allen was then asked if he was recruiting Wilson, to which he answered no. Many are skeptical of Allen’s intentions; however, Jerry Trotta (a writer from the Commanders) states “Just because Allen claims he wasn’t recruiting Wilson to Washington doesn’t mean he isn’t open to the idea of trading for him.” This may be the case, but no trades have been finalized for Wilson.

Moving from Seattle, Arizona is having some trouble with their QB as well. Kyler Murray was drafted in 2019 by the Cardinals and has put up amazing numbers. He has a completion percentage of 66.9%; he has thrown for 11,480 yards and has 70 passing touchdowns. Murray is also known for his versatility as an escape QB so he has 1,786 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns. He is ranked 7th in quarterback ratings (QBR) for the 2021 season. Some may wonder why Arizona would want to trade Murray? For starters, Kyler Murray had unfollowed the Arizona Cardinals on social media and made a public statement in which he is assumed to want to be traded.

Murray posted on Twitter “I play this game for the love of it, my teammates, everyone who has helped me get to this position that believed in me & to win championships. All of this nonsense is not what I’m about; never has been, never will be. Anyone who has ever stepped between those lines with me knows how hard I go. Love me or hate me but I’m going to continue to grow and get better.” Now this leads to a lot of assumptions that he is done with Arizona, but is Arizona really done with him? Being a first round pick Murray would have a lot of interest from multiple teams around the league. The reward for Murray may be worth it but that’s up to Arizona and Murray.


(Photo by Allison, Keith of Deshaun Watson–18 Nov. 2018. ) (Keith Allison)

There are three teams that are looking into adding Murray to their lineup. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need of a QB after their beloved Tom Brady retired, so Murray would be an easy choice. The New Orleans Saints have been struggling to find a QB that is consistent, so Murray would help them tremendously. The final team that Murray is foreseen to go to is The Denver Broncos. The Broncos have been a solid team but are missing a field general at their QB position. Whichever team he ends up with, Arizona will get at least a couple high draft picks.

Deshaun Watson is a name that many people in the sports world know. He was accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault (20 women) back in 2020. He has now 22 sexual assault lawsuits filed against him which he is waiting to go to court for. With this controversy, the Texans have decided to pay Watson to sit out for the 2021-2022 season. He has also made it clear that he wants to be traded from the Texans due to feeling betrayed by his team.

Unfortunately for Watson, he most likely won’t be traded because of his allegations and his high price. The Texans want three first round picks for Watson, which no team at the moment is willing to pursue. There’s a lot of gray area with the Texans and him, which is why it is not certain he will go anywhere.

Vincent Frank of Sportsnaut has stated “The New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Washington Commanders, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers have been among the teams most bandied about when it comes to adding top-end quarterback talent.” As the new season inches closer, these QB trades need to be finalized. Where do you think these top 3 QB’s will end up?