Play-In Tournaments

LJ Person

An addition, called the play-in tournament, has made the NBA playoffs a lot more interesting. Having more close and intense games before the actual playoffs is what everyone likes to watch. The addition of the play-in the tournament has done that.

Playing in the play-in tournaments is still just a new thing. It was made last year during the NBA bubble season. This is for teams with not so good of a record it gives them a chance to make the playoffs and go for a run. You have to win two games to make it to the regular playoffs. The seventh seed plays the eighth seed and the ninth seed plays the tenth seed. The winner of those two games plays and that makes the playoffs. This allows teams to show that they are more than their record and earn a chance to go to the playoffs–and maybe even win a chance to go all the way to try and win the championship. There is still not a high chance the team that makes it in from the play-in the tournament will actually win the playoffs. The other teams that have already made the playoffs get time to rest and practice for their first game to get ready for the team they have to play-in the first round of the playoffs. Also the top seed of the conference will get to watch the teams that are playing and get to prepare for the team that wins the play-in the tournament.

I think this is really good for the NBA as a whole because it’s making more great games to watch. It raises the risk because you either win or go home, This means that those four teams who make the play-in tournament have to put their all into  these games so that they can win the rare chance to make the playoffs. It’s not that the teams in these games are bad at all either; it’s still the NBA, and maybe the star players for these teams haven’t played a lot all year, or the teams chemistry. Hasn’t formed due to the new additions this year The two teams who win the play-in the tournament have to play the number one seed in the first round of the playoffs. They could pull off a really nice upset and beat the number one seed of their division. However, it isn’t really likely though.

I’m ready to see what teams are going to make the playoffs from each division. Game plans are going to be to try and slow down these two power house teams. Still it should be fun and entertaining to watch the best of the best play each other for at least 4 games.