NFL Draft: This Year’s Draft, and What is It?

NFL Draft: This Years Draft, and What is It?

LJ Person

One of the biggest–if not the biggest thing–that happens in the off season for the NFL is the draft. All 32 teams come out to see the young talent and who their team could possibly pick up this year. The NFL draft is really neat  because you never know who is up next to get picked and what your team is going to do with the picks. That is the most exciting part about watching the draft every year.

This year’s draft was unlike the rest. In these drafts, teams are going for the superior athletes. It has changed a lot because normally a lot of quarterback athletes are chosen in the early rounds and even the first pick. This year that was not the case, however. Teams were choosing all the IQ and deep throwing quarterbacks in the earlier rounds this time. In the past three years, the first pick was always becomes a quarterback; this year it was a defensive linemen. These are only a couple different changes in this year’s draft from the past ones. There are always some teams who win the draft and lose the draft. There are different reasons a team can win and lose the draft. For example, the pick they wanted could have gotten picked before it was their pick. Then, they would have to go with the next man up and maybe that player just doesn’t feel the purpose for what they really need at this time. It also depends on what the team needs. Just because there’s a really good player available, doesn’t mean that’s the best pick for your team.  Teams must choose someone who is going to make a positive impact on their team right when they come in or in the next couple of years. I’m about to tell you a little bit about the teams that won and lost the draft this year.

The Eagles won the draft the most out of all the teams this year. They dropped their first three draft picks to acquire AJ Brown. AJ Brown is a really good wide receiver that has been in the NFL for some time. He is a big target, and the Eagles haven’t had a wide receiver like that in a really long time. The Ravens were another team who had a really good draft this year. They had the opportunity to acquire almost all the picks that they wanted. They got the best safety in the whole draft at the 14th overall pick. The Ravens also got the best center in the whole draft too. They competed deep into the season last year and still were able to get two top players in their position category.