Warriors vs Grizzlies Recap


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LJ Person

This series came with everything a playoff series should give. There was so much up and down play was never one sided. Both teams came ready to play and were locked in, one team having just a little more will power through.

This series has been very interesting so far. This hasn’t been like all the other series so far; there has been a lot of big calls that have changed the whole game. In the first game Draymond Green the heart and the soul of the Warriors got ejected. He is their best defender and the whole offense runs through him. He’s able to get the stars open with his incredible passing skills and vision. Makes his impact on the offense by also handling the ball so then the shooters can move around trying to get open for shots and don’t have to handle the ball. Because he got ejected in the first quarter of the first game, it changed the Warriors entire game plan. That didn’t stop the Warriors from winning the game. It wasn’t a blow out game though it was a tuff fight game till the last possession. Ja Morant the star for the Grizzlies got a chance up at the rim but just missed it. Now the Grizzlies are down 1-0 in the series, it’s just one game. The Grizzlies don’t put their head down, they get ready for their next game against the Warriors. This game was still not like a regular game but this time it was different for the Grizzlies. Their defensive stopper and the person who brings the energy for them, Dillon Brooks, got ejected in the first defensive play for the Grizzlies. So now the Grizzlies are down a starter in the second game of the series. Draymond Green is back for the Warriors too. Ja Morant was playing out of his mind though and took over  the whole game and got the win for the Grizzlies in game two. Now it’s 1-1 in the series and the next two games will be at Golden State which is home of the Warriors.

Home court advantage is a big thing and it was really good for the Warriors that they got a win in Memphis. Dillion Brooks is still not playing this game; he had a two game suspension. We can see that the Grizzlies still can win without him though, their defense just decreases and they lose some depth. The Warriors came out firing on all cylinders in game three. The Grizzlies never even had a chance in this game on top of them getting crushed. Ja Morant suffered a knee injury.  It was survivor and was out for the rest of the series. This gave the Grizzlies a very low likelihood of winning the series now. The warriors took game 4 too so now the series score is 3-1 Warriors. Game six happened and the Grizzlies didn’t go down without a fight. They won this game by a lot at home. The Warriors did not let the series go any longer; they won the series by winning this game. Was a very up and down series but when Ja Morant went out for the Grizzlies they had little to no chance in winning the series.