AR–new lens to reality.


Brian J. Matis

Photo-a-Day ——————- Year 2, Day 36 [Total Consecutive Days: 401]

Aadesh Khadka

The world that we perceive in today’s contemporary era is mostly seen through the lenses of technology. It might sound unreal, but we are more captured in phones–camera–than we are in actual reality itself. The fine boundary between what is real has been forged by the very existence of the technology. And Covid-19 has been a massive breakthrough for the complete transition to the virtual world. The base idea of reality has been intertwined with the creation of virtual reality and augmented reality. The massive tech company, software developers, and game/graphic designer have paved a way for the more inbred virtualized product. By doing so, we have directly or indirectly assimilated the idea of virtualization and slowly accommodated to what we call, a virtual world. For example, just like the dystopian prediction or corrupted tech portrayal in Cyberpunk 2077 and Altered Carbon, we have become open to adaptation of the virtualized world. From simple VR games to complex AR tours, we have been driven by these hallucinating fantasies. Well, it is not solely bad, as it creates many possibilities and paves a way for a complete revolution. The upcoming creation of AR apps and modules for the hospital resources will be a life changing phenomenon. Even Though, there is only a few  AR tech that hospitals use as of today’s date, we can expect to see some of the AR technology in the coming days. 


The hospital is one of the important places where the technology can be used efficiently to save the lives of people. The manual or the traditional way of treating the people has been slowly diverting with the exponential increase in the usage of the technology.  For example, the adaptation of the AR technology called vein visualization has helped both the nurses and patients to feasibly inject and take out blood samples.  This is one of many examples of AR tech/software being used for the medical purpose. Not only does it reduce the work friction, but also makes the work more precise with less of minimum effort. The efficiency that comes with this virtual machine is mind blowing. For instance, imagine how painful it is to bear the pain of injection when the nurses tie you with the rubber band and pat on your arms to find the veins, whereas the AR device simultaneously does it within the matter of minutes. Similarly, there has been an upcoming prediction that AR will be assembled with the google glass, which will make doctors easier to conduct some medical treatment via virtual reality. However, that is still yet to come, for which the present growth of technological upsurge itself dictates that there is possibility. Not only that, there is also a growing demand for the AR tech for surgical visualization or surgery, but there was first AR surgery done in John Hopkins during late 2020 and early 2021. 


The augmented reality device used for the surgery was just a headset and a clear eye piece. The simpler it sounds, the heavier complexity it holds. The AR TECH that they used was very systematically integrated. It was used for a spine surgery to place a screw inside the patient’s spine. The augmented reality headset and eyepiece gave the surgeon a clear view of the patient’s anatomy while performing the surgery. The surgeon exclaimed, “when using augmented reality in the operating room, it’s like having a GPS navigator in front of your eyes;..(Dr. Timothy Whitham).”, which assures that the adaptation of AR technology is innovating, as it protrudes a vision for a new world. Not only is this technology beneficial for doctors or hospitals, but also for society itself. It will not only save the lives of many but also resolve many issues that withhold doctors from conducting major surgeries, as it creates a comfortable and precise space for both doctors and patients. 


Thus, the adaptation of the AR technology is a phenomenal change that will resolve the many underlying problems and make the reality more feasible by creating an altered space or altering the reality itself.