Destiny 2 Review

Zakary Robinette

Bungie released Destiny 2 (D2), on August 28th, 2017, on several platforms including Windows, Playstation, and Xbox. D2 has a 9/10 on steam and an 89% on google. D2 has a large player base and it’s one of my all-time favorite games. D2 follows the story of someone chosen to protect humanity, called a Guardian, several hundred years after an event called The Collapse where most of humanity was killed off by invaders looking to destroy a machine entity called The Traveler, which gave humanity advanced technologies and allowed them to colonize the solar system.

D2 includes several stories and introduces many characters throughout the game. Each character is unique and holds their own backstories. Bungie doesn’t try to put too much humor in the game, however, the small amounts are well timed and well done, adding relief to possibly stressful or hard parts of the game. The stories that are currently in D2 are worth playing as they are fun and give the player more knowledge about the game, they also provide more ways to play and experience the game.

The three different Guardian classes are Titans who are focused on dealing damage, Hunters who are the best at stealth, and Warlocks who are used to support other players. Choosing a class adds a much better experience for the player rather than just being forced to play one character, each class even has its own subclasses. Being able to customize the character’s appearance doesn’t affect the game, but still feels nice to have the option to do so.

Many games like D2 don’t require teamwork to beat the harder parts of the game, but D2’s harder parts need teamwork to complete. For example, challenges called Raids can take hours of trial and error to complete with up to six other players. Having several different groups to go up against is better than just one kind because it changes up the gameplay and objectives, each group is unique and has a variety of enemies. Different game modes are a fun part of D2 because they switch up the game and teach you to get better. The Crucible is a player vs. player (PVP) game mode that gives different objectives depending on which mode you decide to play. Crucible is fun but also challenging because you can play against experienced players who have been playing for years. Dungeons are similar to raids, but take much less time to finish. Dares of Eternity (Dares) is a gameshow-like mode where you play in a group of six against a random faction with different objectives. Personally, Dares is my favorite because it doesn’t take too long and isn’t extremely hard.

The open-world aspect of D2 is enjoyable because you aren’t just restricted to the same missions. Being able to explore the map is fun, and you are able to participate in local events which give gear that can be sold or used. Completing bounties that can be found or given give experience points (XP) which go towards seasons and overall rank. Seasons are storylines that last about ten weeks. I like playing seasons because they give rare gear and appearances. The stories are entertaining and give some context for parts of the game you may not understand. D2 is a great way to relieve stress and have fun. “Destiny is a fun game to play over the weekend,” says a friend who also is a player. I definitely think D2 is worth playing because it’s challenging and the story is progressive and fun to play; there is always something to do while playing D2.