Youngkin Traverses Country; 2024 Presidential Run Looms


Bloomberg via Getty Images

Governor Youngkin speaks in State Capitol prior to signing Executive actions.

Brandon Level

Last year, Virginia elected Glenn Youngkin as the state’s first Republican Governor since 2004. From the moment he was elected, Youngkin has been in the headlines every so often, and his governing strategy has been relatively moderate. This, of course, is expected considering he won in the relatively blue state of Virginia. 

Confirmed by Youngkin’s political advisor Kristin Davison, Governor Youngkin is planning to travel to cities around the nation where he will hold rallies with the Grand Old Party (GOP) gubernatorial candidates in each state. To name a few, he is planning to be in Georgia, Kansas, Nevada, Oregon, and New Mexico.

Governor Youngkin is traveling to more than a half a dozen states in total this midterm election season. He is traveling to primarily close races, or relatively democrat-controlled states, in hopes that he can flip them like he did in Virginia.

He is looked up to in the Republican party, with an 88% Republican approval rating. Many in the party have looked up to his campaign based on education, parents rights, critical race theory, gender ideology, etc., as a more than viable winning strategy. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Republicans across the country are reaching out to Governor Youngkin in hopes that he can help replicate what happened in Virginia in other states.

In a statement, the governor noted “I am looking forward to hitting the trail over the next two months to help great Republican candidates like Sheriff Joe Lombardo (running for Nevada Governor) flip blue states red,” also adding, “We saw a movement start in Virginia last year. I can’t wait to bring the spirit of Virginia to these states, and keep that momentum going.”

With all this traveling around to different states, talking to voters across the country, and helping campaigns and Republicans nationwide, many wonder if Youngkin has other political ambitions or motives. 

When Governor Youngkin sat down with conservative mega-donors just months ago, rumors picked up that he could be seeking a Presidential run.

On top of this, the he has also created two Political Action Committees (PACs) called “Spirit of Virginia,” and “Americas Spirit,” which are 501c4 nonprofit organizations, that rack in donations to presumably help fund tight congressional campaigns in Virginia, and to help fund gubernatorial races across the country.

Youngkin has repeatedly brushed off questions and claims about his possible 2024 run for presidency often saying something along the lines of “I am focused on Virginia right now,” but so far that has only brought about further speculation. The governor told Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends,” when pressed on his possible run; “I am always humbled by this request, but we have a lot of work to do today in Virginia.” 

Youngkin has not denied any interest in waging a presidential bid. He dodged yet another question about his intentions while campaigning for Virginia Republicans last month. 

“My focus is on 2022,” Youngkin told WJLA, the Washington, D.C.-area ABC affiliate. “2024 is a long way off–We’ve got a giant agenda for the rest of this year and into next year, and 2024 will happen when 2024 gets here.”

As the midterms get closer, it is likely that Youngkin will come out with some sort of statement or decision about his possible Presidential run.