Book Review: Reminders of Him

Ashley Park

Reminders of Him, written by Colleen Hoover, was published on January 18, 2022. It, like the majority of Hoover’s novels, fits into the contemporary romance genre and is best suited for young adults.

Young mother Kenna Rowan steps back into the town of the tragic accident that landed her in prison for five years. Searching for a shot at redemption with the daughter she never got to meet while serving time, Kenna makes an attempt to rebuild the life she once had and make amends with those who are less than happy to hear of her return. Stuck in a small town with no more than the clothes on her back, getting up on her feet proves to be a difficult task especially when nobody around her is inclined to stretch out a helping hand. That is until she met Ledger Ward, who, despite the incredibly active role he plays in her daughter’s life, is willing to befriend and aid her. However, as their relationship deepens, so does the risk of consequences that would befall the two if people were to find out. With the life and reputation Ledger had built for himself starting to crumble and Kenna’s chance for redemption becoming slimmer, Kenna is ultimately forced to make a sacrifice.

Colleen Hoover does a fantastic job of creating scenes that can be played like a film in one’s imagination, and this book was no exception. She has a talent for playing with the readers’ emotions extremely well and to the tune she chooses. Reminders of Him contains all the necessary elements of a romance novel and the details that spin this tear-jerking tale.

The book turned out to be one of my favorites from Hoover’s collection. It was packed with raw emotions and lovable characters. The main characters face quite the impossible situation, in which no specific person is necessarily in the right or wrong. It’s a frustrating, emotional, and beautiful story all in one. The trials and hardships the main character Kenna goes through helps explain the side of a desperate mother who has quite literally nothing to her name but her unwavering love for her daughter.

Reminders of Him is Hoover’s first and only (as of currently) book released in 2022. Like previous “CoHo” books, it has sold many copies and received countless positive, passionate reviews right off the bat. Jessica on Goodreads shared, “I felt different reading this one. Instead of the usual butterflies and heart flutters her books normally give me, this feels very raw and heavy. It’s definitely a life story more than it is a love story.”