Opinion: Why Dr.Oz Shouldn’t Win the Pennsylvania Senate Election


Alessandro De Stefano

Meet Dr. Mehmet Oz, a former cardiologist and TV personality. Oz rose to fame by conducting a successful heart transplant on former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Frank Torre. After that, he became a media sensation, but eventually his fame became too much and he was kicked out of his practice due to the constant revolving circus of media entering the office.

Then, he launched his career as a television superstar. At first, Oz played the role of health expert on the Oprah Winfrey show, where he would regularly promote sham medical advice and treatments. The doctor’s fame became too large for Oprah’s show, so he moved on to his own syndicated TV program, “The Dr. Oz Show.” On his show, Dr. Oz went from a partially respected cardiologist to an absurdist kook. His medical farces even got him kicked out of his extremely prestigious position as Professor Emeritus of Surgery at Columbia University.

Currently, Dr. Oz is keeping himself busy by participating in the most important senate race in the country, using his nonsensical platform to run against the gritty, hardworking, true Pennsylvanian, John Fetterman. Over the course of Dr. Oz’s senate campaign, he has not shied away from the opportunity to take the occasional cheap shot at Fetterman. Last May, John Fetterman suffered a stroke right before winning Pennsylvania’s democratic senate nomination. After that, Dr. Oz has since bragged about his “perfect health,” which is an undeniable slight on his opponent. Oz also attempted to smear Fetterman’s campaign by taking a shot at Fetterman’s choice to wear hoodies and sweatpants at campaign rallies by saying, “When he dresses like that, he’s kicking the balls.” This quote ultimately backfired on him due to the fact that the hardworking people of Pennsylvania shy away from kneeling to authority, instead choosing to kick it in the balls.

Along with Dr. Oz’s tone-deaf cheap shots, he has repeatedly shown that he is in no way a true Pennsylvanian. First of all, Oz filmed a campaign video for his social media last May for the popular northeastern grocery store chain Wegmans. In this campaign video, he not only attempted to create a dish that no middle class person had ever heard of called “Crudité,” but he repeatedly called the store “Wegners.” Although Oz now lives in a beautiful home in the Pennsylvania suburb of Bryn Athyn, he previously lived in a New Jersey mega-mansion for over three decades.This information is in line with Oz’s repeatedly out-of-touch comments about Pennsylvania, along with his inability to know anything about the Keystone state’s culture.

Dr. Oz’s medical record is incredibly impressive on the surface, but the further you look into it, the worse it becomes. Oz was formerly an employee of the University of Columbia’s medical staff, but he was removed in 2021, which was years after his colleagues lost respect for him. In an excerpt from a letter sent by Oz’s Columbia colleagues calling for his firing, they proclaimed, “Dr. Oz has repeatedly shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine, as well as baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops.” The doctors wrote, “worst of all, [Oz] has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.” His senate opponent also took the time to poke fun at his promotion of sham medical treatments by tweeting, “Before there was Dr. Oz, there was Dr. Nick.” Dr. Nick is the fake doctor from the hit animated television show, The Simpsons.

Dr. Oz’s campaign for the senate keeps up the dangerous pattern of ultra-conservatives with no political experience running for political positions, like Trump, Tommy Tuberville, and Herschel Walker. Oz’s views are very much in line with Trump’s. Oz believes in being completely pro-life, having no restrictions on the right to bear arms, that Israel is our greatest ally, voter ID laws, and other far-right ideals.

In conclusion, Dr. Oz is a lying, absurdist, fiend who is running for the senate for himself and not for the people. If the people of Pennsylvania elect Dr. Oz over John Fetterman, America will continue to follow the destructive path of red that it’s already on.