Try Guys Ned Fulmer’s Cheating Scandal

Lara Elbedour

During Labor day weekend, rumors surfaced about a cheating scandal involving Ned Fulmer, a member of the famous YouTube group, the Try Guys. Ned was caught cheating on his wife, Ariel, with the group’s associate producer, Alexandria Herring. Shortly after the rumors sparked, the Try Guys decided to remove Ned as a manager and member of the Try Guys and also remove him from their company.

The popular YouTube stars, the Try Guys, with a staggering 8 million subscribers on their channel, face their biggest scandal yet. The four guys that make up the group are Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Keith Haberbesger. The group’s fame started as they posted random videos on YouTube trying a wide range of activities like cooking, clothes, and more random things in 2012. The Try Guys built a successful company, 2nd Try, and brand together for 8 years. The group even started their show on the Food Network and released a book together as well. Unfortunately, those eight long years together all went to waste in September 2022, as a video circulated of Ned and Alexandria Herring kissing at a New York City bar.

Shortly after the video was leaked, the Try guys released a statement on Instagram confirming that “Ned Fulmer is no longer with the Try guys.” After the affair went viral, the group discussed Fulmer’s betrayal on their podcast, The TryPod, and stated that “we just want you to know that we had no idea this was going on,” Habersberger said, denying rumors that the trio had long been aware of Fulmer’s misconduct.

Furthermore, on the podcast, the group also addressed, “We were always planning on a public statement, and we’re working towards that with our team,” Yang said. “But in light of rapidly accelerating speculation, we knew we couldn’t wait any longer. We were incredibly shocked and deeply hurt by all of this. This is someone who we’d built a brand and a company with for eight years.” Following the podcast, the group also posted their first video on YouTube since the affair, titled “What happened.” In the video, the group shed light on exactly when Ned was fired from the group, which was on September 27, and it was even confirmed by Ned himself, however, the group revealed he was fired before the news even came to light.

During their discussion about Ned’s workplace affair, Hansburger stated, “It betrayed our trust. It was a workplace violation. It would mean to all the people in our office who knew what they knew, that we were not true to everything we say we are and our values”.  Additionally, the group expressed how disappointed and shocked they were about Ned cheating on his wife because his whole personality was based around her and how much he loved her, so the affair came as quite a shock to everyone. Moreover, after firing Ned, he was also removed from all previous Try Guys YouTube videos and will not be featured in the upcoming videos either. Alexandria Herring was also removed from the videos and description credits. The group stated that they signed documents on September 16, removing Fulmer as a manager and employee of their production company, 2nd Try.

Fulmer, however, even after posting a statement on Instagram saying, “Family should have always been my priority,” Ned wrote in a post. “I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused to the guys and the fans, but most of all to Ariel [Fulmer]. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I am going to focus my attention.” He, however, seems unfazed by the controversy, as he was seen by paparazzi the day after his outing with his wife, Ariel, smiling as if nothing had happened. Though the group decided to remove Ned from the Try Guys and edit him out of any future videos. They revealed that this was a hard decision to make as it would not only be costly for the group, but firing Ned also proved complicated because the group said they wanted to follow all the proper protocols to avoid any legal issues. Even through all this, the group decided that this was the best decision, as they would not sweep this under the rug and keep working with a person who broke the company’s morals and values.