Ye’s Racial and Religious Hate Tweets


Aiden Lim

Kanye West, known as the richest rapper and one of the most well-known people in the world, is losing a lot of his fame, riches, and popularity. He made many racist comments on Twitter about different religious and racial movements. calling out Jewish people and claiming he was Jewish himself, and he started to blame George Floyd for his death and that the police officer did not kill him. Kanye said, “I know what it is like to have a knee on your neck,” trying to imply that George Floyd died of a drug overdose instead of death by strangulation. There were two autopsies done on George Floyd, one of them saying that he died from a three-times lethal fentanyl dose and another saying he died from strangulation.

Kanye has lost many different brand collaborations, including Adidas, causing his shoe brand, Yeezy, to end after his major net worth decline. Soon after, many other brands followed and refused to work with Kanye, leaving him at square one. Brands such as Balenciaga, Creative Artists Agency, Cohen Clair, Lans Greifer Thorpe & Rottenstreich, Foot Locker, Gap, JPMorgan Chase, and MRC have removed their partnerships with him. This heavily affected his financial condition, making him lose over $500 million and getting him kicked off of Forbes’ billionaire list. After this significant loss, his net worth is now $400 million. Kanye’s Twitter account was banned due to all of these controversial tweets.

In an interview with Alex Jones on his show, he said that every person has a purpose in life, “especially Hitler.” He praised Hitler, which makes him appear poorly to the public. This has caused major outrage in the media and caused people to get infuriated at Kanye for his racist comments. Many celebrities have spoken out about Kanye’s comments and said that it is never okay to be racist. Kim Kardashian commented, “Hate speech is never OK or excusable.” “I stand together with the Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end,” she tweeted. Additionally, Reese Witherspoon stood up to the hateful comments, saying, “Anti-semitism in any form is deplorable.” In person. Online. doesn’t matter where. “It’s hate, and it’s unacceptable,”‘Completely understand why my Jewish friends/ colleagues are frightened for their families. This is a very scary time.

Although many brands have ended their partnership with Kanye and many people despise him for all his malicious comments, his money is enough to last him his entire life without him having to work, so no matter how many brands or people drop their partnerships with him, he will continue to express these opinions without regard for the public’s response.