Jeremy Renner Snow Plowing Accident

Emily Meneses

On January 2nd, 2023, Jeremy Renner was snowplowing his neighborhood when it was reported by Washoe County Sheriff Balaam that Jeremy was run over by his snowcat. He exited the snowcat and stood to talk to a family member when the snowcat began to roll, causing him to sustain severe injuries. Due to these injuries, he had to be taken to the Reno-area hospital by helicopter.

“He was being a great neighbor, and he was plowing those roads for his neighbor,” Sheriff Balaam stated. Renner’s spokesperson reported to CNN that he suffered from orthopedic injuries with blunt chest trauma. She says, “Jeremy has had two surgeries so far and has been recovering well.” She stated that Renner has made positive progress and is “awake, talking, and in good spirits.” She adds that “he remains in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] in critical but stable condition. He is overwhelmed by the showing of love and support; his family asks for your continued thoughts while he heals with his close loved ones.”

This accident occurred because of the extreme snow that fell in Nevada. Six to twelve inches of snow fell at elevations less than 5,000 feet and was elevated to 18 inches. Renner went out to clear the snow from his drive-through, then cleaned off the road for his local neighbors. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Police seized Renner’s snowcat for further investigation to locate any machinery errors, following the typical procedures in these kinds of incidents.

On January 3rd, Renner posted a picture of himself in recovery with the caption, “Thank you all for your kind words. I’m too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.”

There is a huge amount of support coming from his supporters; even before Renner had posted a recovery post on his social media, fans had been pouring in sweet comments in hopes of his fast and efficient recovery. Renner’s third update on his recovery was a picture of him and many medical professionals in the hospital on the day of his 52nd birthday, January 7th. While Renner is still recovering, no further information has been released on when he’ll be out of recovery and go back to acting. Some believe that his recovery from this tragic accident could take up to two years.