TikTok’s new “It-Girl” of the year

Abigail Medina

Alix Earle, the new it girl of the twenty-first century, is gaining popularity and fans at an increasingly fast rate, but what about her has caught the eye of millions of people?

Some of Alix’s most popular videos on TikTok, a social media platform, are her “Get Ready with Me” videos. better known as “GRWM.” The videos consist of her doing exactly that—getting ready. Her influence has had a big impact on TikTok users. Almost every makeup product, hair product, or article of clothing that Ms. Earle has shared has been bought by tons of fans, leaving all these products out of stock. Many of Alix Earle’s fans call her influence and the act of using the products she uses the “Alix Earle effect.”

She does her make-up and hair, all while talking about different things. She not only has videos of her doing her makeup but also videos of her sharing her experiences on relatable issues as well.

She has openly shared her journey on Accutane, a medication for acne. She has also talked about having anxiety throughout her adolescence and taking medication for it. This is the type of content that is said to make her relatable. Keith Blackmer, another content creator on TikTok said, “If you want to be a viral account on TikTok, you’ve got to be imperfect, open, honest, and authentic.” People’s influencer behaviors are also excessively selfish. Alix Earle is like a Barbie, but she’s everybody’s best friend,”She’s giving her clothes away to people who can’t afford them, and she’s going out and volunteering her time to read books to children.”

Her looks and personality have earned her the “it girl” title. An “it girl” is a very well-known and attractive woman. Even though being an it-girl partly means having the looks, Alix Earle also has the personality. She’s been described as authentic, genuine, and friendly.

Moreover, her content attracted a lot of fans. Brianna LaPlagia, a co-host on Barstool Sports’ BFF podcast, said, “If you look at when Addison [Rae] and Charli [D’Amelio] blew up, all of their fans were like fandoms of little kids.” LaPaglia said on her personal podcast, PlanBriUncut, “But there is already an army behind Alix Earle.” It’s like they actually care about what she’s saying. “If she keeps going in the same direction and doesn’t get canceled for [something], she’ll be more influential than other TikTok stars.”She immediately started getting offers for sponsorships and more fans at a rapid pace. Her account was booming, and not too long after her name was already known to millions, people started buying the same products she used.

Alix Earle has continued to do impressively well on her social media platforms. As of recently, she has 3.9 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Most of her fans are wondering what will come next for Alix Earle. Most influencers that were once in Earle’s position (such as Addison Rae, Millie Bobby Brown, Ariana Grande, and Hailey Bieber) have been given offers to start their own skincare, beauty, or clothing line (or any other product line), which would be a huge opportunity for Alix.