Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Abe Beshay

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, directed by David Blue Garcia and released on February 18, 2022, The film is a sequel to the original film series; it would be the ninth movie in the series.

The movie starts with Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her sister Lila (Elsie Fisher), and their entrepreneur friends Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson), who want to gentrify and renovate the abandoned town of Harlow. It turns out that there were two people still living in an old orphanage in Harlow: an old lady named Virginia (Alice Krige) and her son. Dante tried to kick Virginia and her son out of town, but she claimed she had the deed to the orphanage but couldn’t find it. The situation escalated, and Virginia fainted. The police try to get her to a hospital, but she dies in the car. In a fit of rage, her son murders the cops and Ruth (who was with the group). His identity is revealed as Leatherface when he uses Virginia’s face as a mask. Then he returns to town to get revenge on everyone else.

Personally, I think this movie is very cliche and unoriginal. It was very easy to predict what was going to happen, which made the plot boring. I think it’s a disgrace to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. The franchise is well-known for its intriguing plot and well-written characters, however, this movie dragged the plot on for too long and the characters weren’t at all interesting. The ending wasn’t satisfying because it felt as if the writers just killed off all the characters to end the movie.  This dissatisfaction isn’t just my opinion, the film received an overall 4.7/10 rating according to IMDb.

According to a google review by Marko Ludovici, he says, “SPOILERS… Pointless remake… the legacy of any classic film should not be besmirched by the cashing-in antics of a remake… the original film grafted quite poorly onto every horror movie cliche imaginable. As one reviewer aptly put it, “The actual movie’s plot is just a poorly imagined vessel to facilitate some mildly good gore scenes.”‘Character development played second fiddle… we have airhead victims (“try anything and you are canceled bro” ) being set up for a killing field of leather face’s sadistic pleasure. [It is] a cliched supernatural slasher character… One of very few things I liked about this film was the retro look montage in the opening sequence. And as some others have mentioned, the cinematography was quite nice at times.” He was also not very fond of the movie and rated it one out of five stars On Google reviews.

Despite the negative feedback that the movie has received, there is also some good feedback for the movie. Viewer Hitesh Bhandari, mentions, “This is the best texas chainsaw movie after the remakes of 2003 and it’s sequel of 2006  for me. This movie give everything which fans expected from it. This movie  bgm is very good and the kills shown are really horrifying and chilling… this is a good slasher movie [and the] scariest leatherface from all the movies… [the]  Actors done and good job in this  movie… I like the movie very much as a slasher fan and now  I put this movie at the top of my favorite slasher movies list.”

In conclusion, in my opinion, this movie was not a necessary addition to the franchise, and I believe it negatively impacted it more than it benefited it but all opinions are open for discussion, so watch the movie and consider my opinion.