Michigan State University Shooting Leaves 2 Dead; 3 Injured


Level, Brandon B

Jake May/The Flint Journal/AP

Brandon Level

On Monday, February 13, just after 8 p.m., a shooter opened fire on the Michigan State University campus, killing three and wounding five. The shooter showed no remorse.

Anthony McRae, 43, was the sole perpetrator of this shooting. With two legally purchased but unregistered guns and additional ammo and magazines, the shooter traversed the campus, shooting with no explicit motive behind his outburst.

Among those shot were juniors Alexandria Verner, 20, sophomore Brian Fraser, 20, and Arielle Anderson, 19. All three were killed. Those wounded were not identified, though Chicago’s Chinese consulate claimed that two Chinese students were among the wounded.

Oddly enough, McRae has no connection to the school, its victims, employees, etc.

The shooting began at Berkey Hall, where two of the victims were killed. The third was killed at the Student Union building shortly after the shooting began.

All classes in Berkey Hall are suspended for the duration of the semester. Leadership will convene to discuss when to reopen the area.

According to Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez, on the night of the shooting, detectives responded to Lake Lansing Road and Larch Street, where suspect McRae could be seen walking. When Lansing Police made contact with him just 20 feet away, he “produced a weapon and killed himself”.

Body cameras from the interaction show no words from McRae, making the motive even harder to find.

Found in the shooter’s backpack were loaded 9mm magazines, loose ammunition, and a couple of empty magazines. Also found on the shooter was a note in McRae’s wallet. “That was the note that indicated where he was going to visit and also kind of gave an indication of why, maybe a motive, but nothing we can actually confirm just yet,” Gonzalez said. The note is said to have threatened businesses, a church, and a New Jersey school district.

In McRae’s home, a cell phone was acquired along with “journals of sorts,” miscellaneous writings, and 9mm shell casings.

The MSU police are working with the FBI to find a motive behind the shooting.

McRae was arrested for carrying a gun without a permit in 2019 and received a misdemeanor along with a year’s probation. After not being convicted of a felony, when his probation ended in 2021, he was still allowed to purchase and own guns. Lansing police say that the gun connected to the 2019 charge is still in police custody.

“Michigan State University’s Spartan Strong Fund” will be the site used to address the needs of the school’s students, including campus safety and mental health services.

“While MSU is covering hospital bills for the injured students, the Spartan Strong Fund has been created to provide support for the evolving needs of the individuals most critically impacted.” “The fund will also be used for student and staff counseling, as well as recognition for those involved with the crisis, such as first responders,” the site reads.